Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last international trip of the year….

My last trip this year was to the fabulous Bikuben store in Norway.

 Of course Mini Me had to come along and explore...

The lovely owner Ellen had manage to make the classroom in an empty store next door to hers which was a fabulous space. Bit of a panic when we couldn't get the electricity to work, but Saturday got off to a fabulous start.

At the end of a long but satisfying day, I left Mini Me in charge of the equipment.

Ellen was putting the finishing touches to the cleaning up

And Ali the Elf was creating a fabulous storage place for all her organising.

Sunday dawned all too soon and we were off again.

He he, look at this the whole class and me, silently engrossed in drawing the couture.

Even Ali was concentrating hard, she didn't notice me even when I was this close.!!

I seemed to cause a bit of a stir every time I ventured outside, not quite sure why!!

At the end of a long day teaching and packing up for the return journey, isn't it fabulous to get into a hot bath and comfortable bed?

That's if you can actually get back in the room.!!

Well its been a really adventurous year, where I have travelled the world to teach in umpteen places. I have flown thousands of miles, packed and unpacked cases more than I care to remember, taught so many wonderful women each with their own story to tell, seen the inside of hotel rooms more than my own bedroom, been patted down so many times in airports that I now look forward to it and I have had a blast. Its hard work, its tiring, its a strain being away from home and family and I often wonder if I am getting too old for all this malarky, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Thank you each and everyone of you who I have met along the way, You have all enhanced my life and reassured me that it is all worthwhile.

To all of you, I salute you and raise a glass to 2014 and the next adventures.

In the mean time , I won't be resting on my laurels… I have classes to teach in my own studio, oodles of samples to make for CHA, preview classes to sort, dresses to make, dancing to be danced and most of all time spent with the love of my life, the gorgeous Maisie Lilly..

As tomorrow is the 1st of December I will be once again participating in Dressember. Nothing unusual there as I don't wear anything but dresses, in fact its all I own…But I will be wear a different dress each day and  documenting them here on the blog and on the Dylusions Facebook page. Why don't you join me ??

Enjoy xx


paula said...

So much fun to read and share in your adventures! Thanks for all that you do, and keep on teaching!

Caroline D. said...

One thing I note when I look at the pics of the classes you teach all over the world is that everyone is smiling and so happy... you bring everyone such joy!! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, talent, and humor with us all. Enjoy your time at home for the next month...

Sharon Y said...

Dyan thank You for spreading your joy and creativity! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed. Wishing you lots of fun and dancing.

The Hardy Stamper said...

It's lovely to see all your adventures here Dyan - especially for those of us who don't have a life!

Pat said...

I know all that travelling is a bear, but I speak for the Universe when I say thank you for doing it. I had no idea you would be at Stampaway in Ohio this year, and it was the thrill of a lifetime to stumble upon you unexpectedly there. Get some rest, and come back next year!!!

Brita said...

Thank you so much for a fantastic day at Bikuben. Loads of inspiration. Made my first page today, So proud to be able to make Artjournal-pages your style.Thank you so much for being an inspiration.

Helen said...

Love all the pictures of the ladies working hard, amazing how some of them are less afraid of the colours than others! Have a great Dressember...

Debbie said...

Your pictures are lovely Dy, wow you are a hardworking lady. Time to go spend time with your family now, and get ready for 2014.

Had a lovely order sent to me by your Ben today, love getting parcels from AFTH, the packaging is sooooo gorgeous, very quick too (within 24 hours!) Ben is a star.
Happy Christmas and New Year and hopefully I can get over to see you again soon. Debbiex

Miranda said...

love your mini me, so cute
thank you too for a wonderful year too, and may 2014 another fabulous year
big hugz

texasbarb said...

I don't know how you do it...traveling as much as you do but as others have said...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! I feel so blessed to have been able to take your classes when you came to Texas this year!! I hope you will continue to spend a little crafty, inspirational time here again soon!!

Wishing you all you wish for this Christmas season!!

lafée said...

j'adore vous lire, ce que j'aimerais participer a une classe,,, mais malheureusement bien trop loin.. heureusement !!!il y a internet merci a vous

Kyla said...

What a marvellous 2013 you have had, thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully I will be able to get up to your store or even a class in 2014.

Dressember eh? I have some fabulous vintage dresses, but the thought of the dry cleaning bill or all that ironing puts me off wearing them every day! Well done for the vintage cause :-)

kyla said...

Hi Dyan I have just spotted this post, love it. Love your Mini Me she is fabulous! I won't be long till I am in one of those classes of yours |(20th Dec). Looking forward to it. Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Kudos and major props to you!!! Seems like a fun to thing to do around the holidays. I do not have nearly enough dresses to even try I only have 4 dresses and one of them is my wedding dress. lol I will have to try this sometimes though... maybe when it is a bit warmer. =^_^=

Arts by Sara said...

Looks like everyone had a fabulous time in class with you! Oh is it such a pity that you couldn't get back into your room! That would be something I would do! LOL! My goal for 2014 is to meet you in person! I am such a huge fan and well it is a MUST!!! Hugs and Love Ya!!! <3

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