Thursday, May 10, 2012

More escapades....

One of my favourite memories from the first time I went to Ranger U was Tim and Mario taking me to Carvels (fabulous ice cream parlour) and making me ask for Muffin crumbs...which don't exist, lol. Every trip back there since we have to go visit. We didn't seem to be having much luck with opening times this visit, but third time lucky we struck gold. They still don't have Muffin crumbs tho.!

I know many of you think we spend our time playing and not much work, but in fact it is the opposite way round. Mostly work and very little play. This picture was taken at 10.45pm as we were just finishing up for the day !

Not that I am complaining, it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the boys, Mario is such a sweetheart and it was a privilege to work alongside Tim and benefit from all his help and nuggets of useful information!
Not to mention the constant ribbing and taking the mick. No chance of getting too big for my boots with those two around, lol.

Thursday, it was back to Scrappers cove for another full day of teaching.

Thought you might like to see this cool pic of Tim, it looks like we hire him out on a night, as a gnome, lmao

Now this could be dangerous, standing outside the Apple store

I'll report more tomorrow, lol.

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

your phone box dress is amazing!

Sarah x

whyducks said...

Lol, all Tim needs is a fishing rod. Love your telephone box dress! It all looks like a lot of hard work, but I know people get so much out of the Ranger U experience.

PlumTuckered's Paper Plays said...

Fun photos!!! Your classes look like SO much fun! I just started playing with your inks and they make me swoon big time!! Can't wait till I can get some of your stamps. Thank you for the smiles!

Kaz said...

Crabs are the work of the devil! Your not selling them to me lol! Love the Tim gnome too hee hee!

Sooooo watch buy from the apple store?
Kaz x x

Sue said...

Too much fun! Hope you tried the mint chocolate chip ice cream at Carvel. It is THE BEST! And the Flying Saucers aren't anything to sneeze at either! (I love food, can you tell?!)

Debbie said...

Wow Dy your two "Red" outfits are stunnig, you look gorgeous in that colour.
Oh how funny about the "Muffin Crumb!" What naughty boys.
I was once sent by the lads I worked with for a long stand, after half an hour one of them said have you had a long enough stand yet!! Gits!
I was only 17 then, won't catch me falling for any more of that now!
Keep Smiling.

Miranda said...

hi Dyan,
the workshop is looking great and fun,where those gingham nails yours (black and white) they are awesome. Next time you go to carvels take some muffins along in your purse so you can add them to your icecream, the boys will be surprised when come back with muffin crumble

Redanne said...

Great photos Dyan,, sounds like you are having a ball!

Virginia said...

You look gorgeous and look like you are having an amazing time! And as always your artwork and your students work is fantastic!

Hugs as always

Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

What - no high heels!
Looks like you're having a blast though.

Michelle Webb said...

Dyan the red phone box dress is flippin awesome! The crabs looked well tasty too, the US do the best food huh? I howled when you said Tim got you to ask for Muffin crumbs, genius. You gotta get them back with sky hooks, tartan paint or 6ft of fallopian tubing they'll never know that one! You work far too hard Dyan, you deserve a quiet holiday with a good juicy book. Michelle x

susiesu said...

Love Tim the Gnome!!! Come on spill the beans - what did you get at the Apple Store??? lol Susiesu xxx ps your telephone box dress is fabby dabby gorgeous

Donna B. said...

Yummy Carvels!! That class looks like so much fun - I can't wait to take one with you one day. Your inks bring me so much joy!! :)

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