Friday, May 25, 2012

I am an ARTIST.....round 2

Here are more of the "I am an artist" pages...

Denise Phillips

Hanna Nilsson

Hannah Young

Lesley MacGillivray

Maggie Crawford

Marlene Moore

Carol Wheeler

I have a few more to upload from my students, so if you have one you would like featuring send it to me in an email by Sunday.

Enjoy xx


Rainbow Lady said...

more fabulous works of art from more super artists. xx

Chris said...

Oh WOW Dyan all of these pages are amazing... such gorgeous eye candy. I am still working on mine... will send it soon :)
Chris x

Linda said...

fabulous! I am amazed at all the different styles and unique pages. I added my "I am an artist"page on the art journaling for women facebook! I'm such a beginner, I can't get enough of everyone's creations. So inspirational!

Inkypinkycraft said...

Some fab pages, would love to join in, unsure where the email address is, hugs trace x

Anonymous said...

Oh, so great to see my page here on you blog along with all the other fabulous pages. Thanks so much for doing this Dyan!

Hugs /Hanna

chrisg said...

Some gorgeously scrumptious pages there Dyan - and every one a true artist.
As I have grandsons this week end can't get inky or painty - so I have done a digi version (you know me - one page digi one page inky/painty)
Well done ladies and thanks for the challenge Dyan x

Marijane said...

I loved your inspiring message on yesterday's blog and all the examples sent both days by some very special, artistic women. Thank you for the motivation to become the artist that we all truly are!

maggie warke said...

You have inspired me yet again!

maggie warke said...

You have inspired me yet again, I needed a shove to get my art going again thank you! X Maggie

EmeralDQueen said...

I love your Blog Dyan :)

EmeralDQueen said...

I sent mine through the email that is in the Facebook page Art from the Heart cause I don't find any other email. Hope you get it. Thank you for this, puts a smile in my face :)

susiesu said...

Thanks to Dyan we all truly are 'Artists'. Fabulous to see all our pages together lol Susiesu xxx

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