Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big apologies.....

....for the long delay in posting....

Here is my excuse...I have been running around like a.....

tee hee hee....

I told you that a while ago I went to a Vintage fair, and so here is some of the pictures.

Look at this fantastic Steampunk outfit...

This lady was an absolute doll and I bought quite a few things of her, including this tapestry sewing box.

You can't beat vintage fabric, can you...ready to be transformed over the Christmas period.

And this was one of my favourite finds of the day. Fabulous oil painting, and the frame is divine...

Here is my sewing box in situ

and one corner of my living room

We finished off the day with traditional Yorkshires and gravy on vintage crockery...bliss

I am so lucky with my lovely students. I never get round to even making cards, and yet they bring me the lovliest of gifts. This gorgeous cup and saucer is from the lovely clog dancing Anne.

And the lovely Gill got me this gorgeous tin ornament

This gorgeous ensemble was from the lovely Pat. She wrapped the large parcel with a map of Whitby, especially, lol. And she handpainted the tag after learning how in one of my workshops.

He he, look what she found for me

How fabulously naff is this.!!! Love it

At Sundays art journaling I dressed for the occasion in one of dresses I made. This is my Cougar dress, lol. Rarrrrr..!!!!

It calls for 7inch stacked heels

Clare brought along her Steampunk Iron Fist shoes. But seen as she can't walk in them, let alone stand up, I had to model them.

And if Father Christmas is listening, this shower curtain is on my list

 And this wallpaper from this frikkin fabulous website Dupenny

At £196 for a 10m roll it's not cheap but in my eyes it's worth every penny.

So Santa....Is it too late to negotiate...??

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Love the dress, love the shoes, love the yorkies, love the vintage sewing box, love the picture, love your pressies.......oh and loves u muchly xx


susiesu said...

Me too Kaz plus the wallpaper lol susiesu xxx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Your outfit looks good with my shoes! Fabulous steampunky lady picture she has a cool costume. Merry Christmas, thank Ben for my somersets they arrived safe and sound! Got something to read while I wait for the Turkey Wellington to cook

lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

How much fun could one person have in a day..right? maybe you will design a steam punk Victorian sweetie yes? If you do let me know.

Merry christmas to you and all your elves.


susan salyer

Emma said...

Love iron fist shoes I have a pair I can nearly walk in too, lol :)

john4seo said...

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