Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Been away, will catch up soon.

Here's the sun coming up at Flamborough Head at 6am Sat morning.

And yes...we were still up from the night before..!!

Enjoy xx


Jayne C said...

Sunrise is FAB....but 6am??? Barking, woman...totally barking!! I only wish I had half your stamina...anything past 10.30pm is late for me!! xxx

Alison Horne said...

Great photo of Hugh Laurie and Helena Bonham Doodah, in "Who woke The vicar?"

Dylan said...

Ha ha Alison, just love your celebrity comparison, lol.

chrisg said...

Ya dirty pair of stop outs LOL

Hope you had a fabby w'end honey and that your all danced out. (left my dancing shoes at the Spa on Sat - not handed in (prolly disposed of in nerest incinerator coz they absolutely pen & ink due to years of build up of sweat LOL) so had to dance in my sandles on Sunday night - 2 dobbing great big blisters on my left foot and a sunburnt nose to boot) but fantastic w'end all round and so glad to have met you you crazy chic . Keep on KTF x

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