Saturday, June 4, 2011

The best customers in the world...

Wow what a fabby day. It was our workshop preview and taster day. We had a massive 60 people attending the classes, taught by Sandy Poppins, Kate Crane and myself. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera or my phone, so heres some pinched photos from my class.

Thanks to the gorgeous Bezzie Su and the Almighty all round Goddess Ali. xxx

The workshop bookings came thick and fast with a couple of sell outs. The classes wll be released online Mon evening for you.

We had quite a few people travelling the length of the country to attend. Here I am with the lovely Karen, who I met at Stitches trade show, and bowled me over with her infectious giddy enthusiasm.

Just showing off my latest vintage find...this gorgeous dress chubby case. And yes that is a frock I;m wearing..I've gone all 50's girly..!! More on that in a later post, lol.

A journal page from my ledger.

Enjoy xx


Sarah Louise said...

Looks a fab day Dyan. And you are rocking the new look :)

Hope to grab a class when we are down for the summer

Ann-Marie said...

Looks like you've had a great day and I wish I could have been, love the vintage case- are you to keep it as it is, or sprinkle it with your magic touch of altering???
I already feel there's a Worksop or 2 (or more) I'm going to have to come to so eagerly awaiting the classes going online!
See u soon xxx
Ps - you look fab in the dress x

Marit said...

The fun and creativity of your class splashes from the computer screen! Greeat work too!

Sue said...

Check you out in a dress

SeasideKaren said...

Glad it all went well Dyan, wish I'd been there!
Love, love, LOVE your frock!!! I'm in a big '50's phase too, treated myself to a vintage frock at a fair the other week, just waiting for the lovely lady who sold it to make the waist a bit my wine too much to diet, and my '50's love affair doesn't extend to a girdle!!!!

Kaz said...

Hello gorgeous!

Couldnt comment yesterday but can today.....just got home, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Had a fabooroony day loved the shop, the lovely peeps who gave me such a warm welcome, loved the brew and just loved the mini workshops loved you too xxx

big hugs


Sandra Hall said...

I'm testing commenting on your blog because blogger hasn't been letting me play...
Just to say it was a fab day, you looked fab in that dress, the customers were fab - I don't think I scared anyone away or let you down :) ('cept for using your bestest brushes!) x

Craphty said...

glad you had a great day. sorry could not get there. hope i can make that large turquoise canvas. will be looking at the workshops tomorrow.x c

Handmade by Elaine said...

Hi there, I had a fab day on Saturday & your shop is amazing, every time I looked around I saw something different again:0)My mum enjoyed herself too after getting over the shock of having messy hands I did try to warn her! hehe. I'm on the class for the turquoise canvas - hope I've not bitten of more than I can chew, thanks again for a fabby day
Take care
see u soon
El x

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