Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Tee Hee, I,ve been having a bit of fun with Christmas the last few days. Now most of you know that I am THE original Mother Christmas, house resembles a grotto and all that malarky, and that I am normally a giddy Christmas kipper from January onwards. But this year I just ain't feeling it.!!! So I thought I might go with that train of thought for the next two journal pages, lmao.

This first one makes me laugh everytime  I look at it...

Paint - Dylusions, blue, green and yellow
Spray ink - Dylusions, Amber
Stamps - Dylusions, Love stuck Lucy, Tallulah Tripp
               Blonde Moments, Merry and Bright, Dressing the Tree,Little bit of Santa
Dyan's downloads, Heads D26, tree D9
Baubles and tree lights, Blonde Moments - all I want for Xmas - 6 x 6 pad
"angel" - magazine image.

And this one grew from an idea the lovely G gave me. The tree is made up of skeleton hands.

Paint - Dylusions, Teal, purple,black, white
Stamps - Dylusions, Bits and Bats
Dyan's downloads - hands D24, legs D11 
tree lights - Blonde Moments

Well that's my decorations sorted.!!

Enjoy xx


borgqueen said...

gasp -
how could you?
stay calm, keep breathing and I'll be along with of the skeleton ;o)
oh and i'm so glad you were not in the frame when you painted trees on my wall - H says he is never going out again, just in case!!!

Virginia said...

Oh for a bit of time to art journal - work getting in the way at the moment - loving all the gorgeous images as always Dyan - hugs from the Rotherham lot!

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