Sunday, November 28, 2010

Didn't we have a lovely time...

Well the snow is upon us with avengence..It is all rather beautiful, even though it scuppered my plans to go to the seaside. Never mind, what better to spend the day tucked up indoors doing creative things. I have devoured the Sunday papers, eaten the biggest Sunday breakfast I have seen in a long time, lost tons of auctions, at the last minute, on Ebay, listed tons of my mahoosive shoe collection on there, listened to Soul Classic radio all day long, played journaled, painted, beeswaxed, and generally had a whale of a time. Here's hoping we get snowed in again tomorrow, lol.

Talking of beeswax, we have the Christmas beeswax class on Tuesday, where we will be playing with paint, inks, downloads and of course, beeswax. If you fancy joining us you can book HERE.

Oooh did you spot some of the new, top secret, if I told you I'd have to kill you, downloads..???

I have just won THE most fantastic, ever, ever, EVER, pair of Red or Dead shoes I have ever seen on Ebay. They are big chunky wedges just how I love them, with a height of 6 1/2 inches. Yeehah..!!! Can't wait for them to get here.

I am celebrating with a bottle of Desperado, which leads me neatly into my next topic.

These were shown at London fashion week, but I can't remember who by, ooops. But frikkin love em...

Ha ha thats definitely how the Wild West should have been won..!!!

So, onto pages in the ledger journal.

Dylusions paints - red, black
Dylusions spray ink, Post Box red
Dyan's downloads - hands D24,
white pen Ranger Inkessentials
All other images - altered from magazines

Love this one soooo much, my little toadstool girl, watch out for her appearing a lot more.

Dylusions paints - Pink, Orange, yellow
Dylusions spray inks - Hot Pink
Dylusions stamps - Doolally Doris, Bits and Bats, Around the Edge
Dyans downloads - eyes D 
All other images - altered from magazines

I'll leave you with this gorgeous image

Enjoy xx


Chris said...

ooooh that was sneaky teasing us with the
Love the journal pages specially the toadstool one...totally yummy!!

PMSL at you 'winning'on ebay... you don't win summat you gotta pay for ha ha ha ;-)

The fashion show is cool though don't think I'd have the courage to wear those...ride em cowboy outfits!!

Chris xx

Sandra Hall said...

LOL at Chris's comment - but I get you...if they accept YOUR offer you win, right? So what are you up to - selling shoes to buy more??!!
And will they be as comfy as MY Red or Deads?
Love your toadstool girl! and the sneaky peek at the new downloads - you're on fire! x
PS Sorry you didn't make it to the seaside - tell John he's had a lucky escape - it'll be cold on the coast!!!!!hehehe

Bev2 said...

No snow here down south yet, but when it comes it won't take more than a centimetre or two for me to declare a snow day and batten down the hatches!! Can't think of anything nicer than shutting out the world for a day or two and becoming totally immersed in crafty stuff!!
Just LOVING the Toadstool girl

Bev2 said...
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