Thursday, April 8, 2010

woop de frizzin woop....!!!!

Are we..??

You sure..??

You're not kidding me..??

Please tell me its true..!!

And the nightmare is over..!!


Oh thank frikk for that...!!!!

And breeeeeeeeeaaaaaaathe.........!!!!!!!!!!

Yes its true, the move is officially over. We are finally out of the old studio. Everything is out, and I mean everything.. I would like to tell you that it is all sorted and beautifully organised, but I would just be lying, ha ha .  We seem to have been moving for EVER..!!!! In fact it has only been a month, but it seems to have been the longest month in history. You just imagine how long it would take you to sort out your craft room and then think how long 3000 sq ft would take.  We have filled 3 mahoooosive skips, donated tons and tons to really worthy causes, filled goodness knows how many bags for charity and we are still drowning in it all. We have found some fabby hidden and forgotten about gems, and unearthed some real humdingers that we are all trying to deny all knowledge of. Anything that we feel is a bit dodgy or crap we just blame on Mark. I know he is no longer with us and therefore is unable to defend himself and that is precisely why we do it, lmao. But sonmetimes his taste, when he was running the second shop, left a lot to bve desired. To give him his due,we had to cater for the more "everyday" crafter, but that is no excuse for the amount of peel offs and pricking templates that were brought to the surface. I have however put them to their best possible use, oops sorry ,, I was lying,  couldn,t think of one...!!!!!  I know I would get a little bit of hate mail if I just binned them, so I became a shop dropper..!!! Its a bit like shop lifting, except you take product in and leave it...!!!  I am sure that the rash will fade eventually, lmao...!!! Mebbes that's the cause of my mystery illness..????

You seem to be liking my b & w journal , so heres a few more pages.

Think its about time you started sending me some scans of your b & w journals, don't you..???

Ok I,ll leave you with this video from the gorgeously kooky Claudine Hellmuth. She is making a real cool necklace with paper transfers and sticky back canvas. Watch and learn lol.

Oooops, video has disappeared, lol... Not sure what happened there.  Will investigate and get it for you tomorrow. So what can I leave you with now, maybe a clip of me River dancing at Emmi's desk..!!!! Or maybe the video of Emmi falling..." I just fell backwards and my legs followed...."    !!!!

No.???? Ok how about this, from Sade's new album Soldier of Love.

Enjoy xx


Lynne said...

So happy for you that you are totally moved out of the old studio!! I'm sure that's a load off your mind!! Def love the B&W journal pages!!!

Diane said...

Thanks for putting up these pictures, Dyan. I can testify that this journal is even better 'in the flesh'!
Diane x

Kirsti said...

So glad ypu have finally finished the great move -must be so brilliant having all that new space for all the great stuff you are bringing in...

B&W are definitely them...xoxo

Traceyr said...

Well done to you and your team for the move into your new studio. Lots of luck and happiness for the future. :)

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Did you find any forgotten gems?

And good news, The Blond Moment set of cards I did for MC are in the May edition and they're on the front cover, Yayyyyyy.

Luv Dee xxx

Anonymous said...

A black and white album... now THAT'S an idea!!! I might start one... thanks for the inspiration and congrats (I mean CONGRATS) with the move!!! YeaY!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh gorgeous b+w pages Dyan :) Glad the move is completed, what a lot of hard work!
Anne xx

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