Friday, April 2, 2010

Last class, future classes and even First class...!!!

Yayy I am still here. Ooooh you don't want to know whats been going on in my poorly sickness, it wasn't nice and me no likey..!!!! But I think I am finally getting there. I,d better buddy had be, I,ve got 2 Northern Soul do's to go to this weekend, and I,m buggered if I,m going to miss them, lol.

Anyways, I need to take you waaaaaay back to last weekend and the Fabby Dabby. Heres some of the pics.

The lovely Chris and the lovely Linda

The lovelies Sara, Anne and Sulie (who travelled all the way from Vienna..!!!!)

The lovelies Paula and Emma

And the lovelies Elaine the Baker and Chris.

Getty all inky and painty..

 Just look at was as big as a house. Of course, it was made by Elaine the Baker along with, coconut slice, chocolate thingymawatchit, Banana bread and Cornish tray bake.... Not a lot then, lol.. Elaine you are a little star- thankyou. xx

Although it was the start of my poorly sickness, we had a brilliant time and laughed the whole way through. All too soon it was time to go. Sara had actually restrained herself here..!!!

Big special thanks to the lovely Emma who metamorphed into my assistant whenever I was flagging...

And of course big thanks to the gorgeous Pam for her culinary creations...

Because I,ve been missing I havent been giving you peeks at the up coming projects. So I will do a few everyday. Heres 2 that you can't afford to miss,both designed with the male of the species in mind.

The first is a gorgeous album/minibook for Fathers Day. It is decorated in the extemely Gentlemanlike papers from Graphic 45. It is full of pockets, tags and envelopes and finished off with my trademark doodling. I am going to write letters to my Dad, all the things I would say if he was here, and I am going to put them in the envelopes and seal them.  It doesn't have to be for Fathers Day, as its suitable for any of the males in your life.  You can book HERE

The second is a house shaped 7gypsy book which will be making into pockets and covering with paint effects. We will then be taking the gorgeous eclectic Bisous papers, disecting them and decorating the pages. As usual lots of flaps, pockets, hidden surprises are in store. And not just for the boys, this is Maisies fave of them all. Book HERE

Last night I ironed for what seemed like hours... I iron everything, and I mean everything..!!! I just havent had time lately and its been piling up. Irs soooo satisfying when its all done isnt it...? I ironed whilst wa\tching back to back Jeremy Kyle...see told you I was feeling better. So then I came to side it away...Wtf..???? who filled my wardrobes up when I wasn't looking...????? So today I had a massive sort out into piles.

  1. To chuck
  2. To recycle
  3. To Charity
  4. things that are a bit small for me
  5. things that are a lot small for me...they really ought to do something about clothes shrinking so bad...!!
  6. Winter woolies
So that should leave me loads of space for the ironing, right.  Err no ... How come I emptied 48 coat hangers and I still have no room..?? Obviously one of lifes little mysteries....

Well just have a gander at the next photo.....


Oh yes bet you can't guess where I am off to..???
Don,t know why the blooming writing has suddenly started centring itself lol.

But yes ( aye up, its back to normal...wierd..!!!) I am off on my jollies across the seas to a far off distant land. you've guessed it, I'm on voyage to Egypt again in 3 weeks time. I will be reading painting and journaling on the beach for a whole 7 days... Hallelujiah, I just can't wait..!!! Now I know you will all miss my daily witterings so I,m giving you as much notice as I can. You wouldn't believe the number of emails I get if I don't blog.... So maybe I could persuade Our Ben or Our Ems to stand in....worth a try.

Talking of flights to far off lands, just take a gander at this..!!!

Yup its dragon on the move again...not sure where hes headed, but can you believe it hes flying first class...!!!!!

Is that Tim snoring at the top of the picture..???? Bet he kept dragon awake all the way, lmao.

So I will love you and leave you as I am in the middle of designing some new stamp sets.  Ooh yes, you heard correctly..! I was going to give you some sneaks but thought it much better to keep you in suspense, ha ha. If you have any opinions on what stamps you fancy leave me a comment, you never know, I might just take you up on it... Prize for the best suggestion, so get your thinking caps on, lol

Enjoy xx


Darcy Marshall said...

ooo design some hot goth chicks!

and a giraffe....possibly not on the same sheet as the goths.LOL

something musical, but not too whimsy, I go to loads of gigs and could do with some music type stamps for page backgrounds in mini books.oooo you could do a Northern soul range!!

Jude said...

Enjoy your sunny break - freezing my arse off here in blowy snowy Scotland. V. jealous but v. glad you're escaping.

Stamps... I would like some toadstools (when I try to draw them, they always look rude) and some fabulous shoes and boots please. A few bows would be nice too. xx

Dylan said...

How about a hot goth giraffe sat on a toadstool. All angles covered..lmao

dani said...

HOw about some crazy food with limbs and crazy eyes? A parsnip wearing tall goth boots and emo makeup and fingerless gloves.

Okay it's late and I'm watching food network.

Yawn. Off to bed!! ;)

SueC said...

Glad you are feeling better - you were missed.
New stamps - yes - good idea - can we please have new 12 x 12 papers too - pretty please - and blue buttons and blue and more blue please.
Sue x

ForgedinPaper said...

Glad you're on the mend and have another week of sheer papamering to look forward to. Not that I'm jealous or green coloured lol. Classes look lush. Hope some of the new ones are heading north this year (hint hint). I'm with Maisie that book is my fav!

Karen S said...

What about a Buddha image & some other oriental stuff? I've hunted high & low for one with no luck. I can't be the only one who'd like this? I know it's a favourite icon of yours too...

Virginia said...


Dyan - ooh I'm glad you'r back I looked and looked but couldn't see your postings, the classes look fabulous and I love the idea of writing letters to your Dad - amazing idea!

New stamps mmm - I wonder what you'll come up with?

Dragon travelling first class - I'm telling you a severe case of Stockholm syndrome coming up!

Hope you are having a very positive weekend and I'm so jealous a holiday to sunny climates bliss but you deserve it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


Scrapbagleader said...

Well Dyan, did you know that Kiwi Chris has spent the last 3 months looking for a squirrel stamp? Swirls just don't do it for her anymore!!

Chris Steer said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better chuck!! Do the stamps to match your 'houses' download sheets, they'd go down a treat!

Arnt you just a little jealous of the 'dragons travels' I am but at least you've got your hols booked. ENJOY!!

Love and hugs

Chris xx

Dan said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better - have a great time in Egypt! Oh, and in reference to the thought for the day, I could be the world's biggest failure and I still wouldn't watch Jeremy Kyle! LOL

Kaz said...

OOoo Stamps are my most fave thing, can't wait to see them.
I'm slightly concerned that they didn't put the safety belt on the dragon - hope they're not taking too many risks with him, but wow he's well travelled.
Enjoy your break, can I come too? I'd love some journalling lessons xxx

Valencia said...

SO jealous off to escape the cold and greyness we often get here when spring is only threatening to arrive.Egypt sounds fantastic wish i was coming too enjoy and recuperate and come back with loads of new designs yes music stamps and a hot goth Giraffe sounds devine.xx

Traceyr said...

Great to hear you are feeling better.

Can't wait for your new stamp designs - what about some dragon images haha


Diane said...

Good news about the jollies, Dyan. How about some of those lovely vines on rubber?
Diane x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I would love a footballer stamp suitable for boys aged 8 and up - never yet seen one I really like and I'm sure you could do a super duper one Dyan :)
Huh! it's alright for dragon, travelling first class indeed - just jealous of course!
Anne xx

olive said...

what about some pinup ladies.... as Darcy suggested goths and music, love them. Glad your on the mend, obviously Thomson hols were cheap then!!! good for you. keep the faith. Ciao

Rhayne said...

Oohh, stamps... how lovely! And to think, I suggest some b&w ephemera a few weeks ago...stamps will be even better! Any of the images you sell as ephemera would catch my eye.

I would love to see more non-cutesy stamps. Not that I look at your work and cutesy comes to mind :)

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