Monday, October 19, 2009

I,m on My Way.....

Yes I know I,ve been missing in action this weekend, but I've had tons going on. I was demoing the "All I Want for Christmas" range out at Samuel Taylors at Embsay. It was their 60th anniversary and it was heaving, and I mean heaving, lol. I think everyone had a fab time, I did, despite being positioned opposite a large peel off stand...!!!! I mean Wtf..??? I think David did it on purpose to keep me under control, lmao. Big thankyou to David and Diane, who couldn't do enough for us, it was a pleasure.

Saturday night saw me dancing the night away at a Northern Soul Do.....Yayy...
We were at the Riley Smith Hall in Tadcaster. It is run by the North Yorkshire Soul Club, my old mate Tony Hatfield, and it is always a fab night. 52 of us on a coach, catching up with the gossip, ready to dance the night away and blow off the cobwebs..

There's nothing better.

So here's what else is rocking my week.

Got a fab book for a bargain price from The Works. I love Taschen books and have collected them for ages and this one is an absolute classic.

The Complete Pin ups by Gil Elvgren

My Mum and Dads furniture just fitting nicely in my hallway.

Sharing a Stem Ginger Skinny Muffin and putting the world to rights in Starbucks, Meadowhall, with the lovely Kenny.

Images of Japanese Tattoos. Oh yes mine is still going ahead, its just been delayed slightly, lol.

Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels with Philadelphia Cheese.
Bargain at Morrisons would you believe...??

Maisie's duck, dressed ready for the weather..??? Well you need to keep hold of your hat in this wind..!!!

Love these but cant decide whether to keep them, as no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, they are a WANT and nowhere near a NEED...!!!!

How cool is this..??? Looks the business, but its only £4 from Primark..!!
And got a dilemma I need help with. Seen as I am now too fat for last years Winter Coat. I cant get it past my ever expanding bosoms, never mind fasten it, lol. I know its better to be fatter and healthy, but trying to crack this eating disorder is proving to be frikkin expensive..!!! lmao.
Sooooooooo do I go for the quirky, on trend, cape coat.....??

or the ever faithful fishtail Parka...???

Ooh decisions, decisions... Heres todays wardrobe remix..

and one of my latest journal pages...

It would have been Dad's birthday yesterday. I miss him so bad. This ones for you babe, night, night, God bless.. xx

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Lovin those boots Dyan..but then I am a bit of a boot nut... The journal page is fabby too - still not done anymore... been too busy ballsing up orders..lm(ws)ao...Take care Kirsti x

Jude said...

Have missed you the last few days!!! Sounds and looks like you've been mega busy and packed loads in (with some retail therapy too - nice!!!) I personally am lovin' the cape but can see a place for the parka too... Check out FC for a combo of the 2 that I have bought as my winter coat this year...Lark Jacket in Grey (they have a fab blue one too) It's cape meets military with a puffball collar and is super cosy. Speaking of FC, your wardrobe combo from your last entry reminded me that I have the same dress so dug it out and wore it today. It looked very pretty...even though I am sadly far less bosom-ish...;0) xxx

Virginia said...

You're back - hurray - missed your postings over the weekend although you look like you had a very hectic weekend with all the photos! Loving the journal page and thank you for the words of encouragement on my blog! Hope you have a fabulous tuesday!



Laura (Faerielore) said...

blimey girl you have been a busy bee ... peel offs !!! nice hahahahaha i definately think that was a ploy to keep you out off trouble hehehehe. Love those boots, there a need hahahahaha and id go for the trusty parka, i love mine :) gorgeous journal page hun im obsessed with mushrooms and toodstalls :) xxxx

olive said...

ditch the parka go for the tweed coat! keep the boots. Doing quite a bit of journalling.. cant get at the dining table! bought more pencil cases!!!! Keep the faith. Ciao Olivexx

missed your blog while you were away.

borgqueen said...

How far did you have to travel to get a skinny stem ginger muffin?? can you bring one back for me next time please - infact bring me 5 ;o)

Traceyr said...

Just go for the boots - they are lovely. :)

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