Thursday, October 15, 2009

The countdown is on.....

Lovely calm, relaxing class today. We were making the Christmas advent Box. I love this and have made tons of them over the years, but still feel the need to make a new one every Christmas..!!!

The lovely Jane brought me a gorgeous bunch of my favourite lilies, thanks babe, and the lovely Kirsti had travelled all the way up from Aberdeen to take the class. Theres dedication for you..!! We also had a visit from her mate the lovely Jude, who was passing on her way to Legoland. Fancy that 2 Aberdonians in the studio independently..!!!

I have another Advent Calendar class on Tuesday. This is very different as it is a hanging calender, comprising 24 inked stamped and decorated boxes on a paint effect background. Cool isn't it..??

And on Wednesday we have the stunning Pressie full of pressies, designed by Bezzie Su. It is a wooden book with 12 gift tags, one for each month of the year. Each tag is designed for you to fill in with your pressie for that month, which must be taken up before the expiry date. Its the gift that keeps on giving as they say,lol. The Printers tray workshop is now fully booked, I am just waiting for 2 confirmations to get back to me. And unfortunately so have the printers trays. We are expecting them in in a couple 0of weeks, also the same trays in white. Cool. You can pre order them HERE.

We are also awaiting the photo trays, which are a similar idea. 6 spaces for 4 x 6 photos or pies of art. I know which I,ll be putting in. Again available in black or white and available for pre order HERE

I also need to tell you that the Art Journaling weekend in Feb is now full, so its reserve list only I,m afraid. That went so fast didn't it. I'll have a look in the diary this week and see if I can come up with another date for you. (Jane yours is just waiting confirmation)
Here's today's wardrobe remix. Just for a change - black.

And I,m gonna leave you with this little beauty
Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Hello again! Really enjoyed my first visit to the shop and studio today (and the tea was an added bonus!) The kids were impressed too - Ellie went as far as to say it is the coolest place on earth. James really liked the biscuits and doing his drawing of a vampire reindeer...?!? Hopefully Legoland won't pale in comparison tomorrow!!! Thanks again for your hospitality and see you in February - can't wait! x

cla16e said...

Glad you liked the soul baby dancing link......I saw it & thought of you.x

Kirsti said...

Thanks once again for a really brilliant day Dyan - wish I could come more Would love to have come on the Art Journal workshop in February to get some more tips, maybe next one if there is space.. Thanks for lunch yesterday as well - I think my head was so full of coming there that it went completely out of my head and the kids thought it was a fantastic place - Ellie thought it was brilliant and would love to do your kids art classes... long way to go every week tho babes...lm(ws)ao... take care Kirsti x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ouch, those splits had my eyes watering just watching the clip.

Where do people get their ideas from for these things.

Thanks for the smile you gave me.

Luv Dee xxx

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