Friday, August 29, 2008

That's it, I've just finished the latest masterclass article for Craft Stamper. This one is all about Ultra Thick embossing. I've made some cool Christmas ornaments and canvas, also jay's done a gorgeous mini album. If you haven't seen Craft Stamper lately. Take a look, it's a really cool magazine now. I think Jay has an article in this month - not quite sure - you know what I'm like for losing track. Anyway it just needs typing up, packing and posting out just in time for the deadline. I'm always right up to the nose with deadlines, I'm sure all the editors bring it forward for me, just in case!

Spent all last night ripping, sticking and painting. I've decided I need a journal and this time one with ready prepared pages, so that when inspiration hits I can just go for it. I made it using a Donna Downey technique with old newspapers - it is time consuming, but really cool. I'll tell you more about it at a later date. As you can see from the photo it is really raw at the moment, but soon I will be adding painty and pastel backgrounds. It has taken all my determination not to play with it all day. I made a pact to finish the article and play tonight! I'll keep you up to date as I go. I am thinking of doing an online journaling class later in the year - let me know if you are interested.

Yey, yey, yey. Took a delivery today of my flip camera. I have been trying to source one for ages. While I was over at Ranger U, Mario tried every store he could think of, but they were all sold out. Well I finally tracked it down (thanks Mel) at amazon and whey hey it's white and pink. It's actually a camcorder for idiots and oh yes even I have worked out how to use it. Its main use is to provide video demonstrations of techniques on the blog. So watch this space.

Sale day tomorrow. The studio has been turned upside down and there are bargains galore. Get yourself here as lots of things are greatly reduced. Blonde Moments papers 50% off, Love Elsie 30% off and many more bargains to be had.

The lovely Ben will be on hand to assit with all your enquiries, but unfortunately will not be able to do any rugby tackling as he has torn his hamstring. He says he will be fine as long as I do all the running around for him. Hmmm wonder how long that will last! Both girls are working at a wedding, so there will be a new face Caralyn ( who by the way is a wizz with a needle and thread and runs a thriving alteration business. I'm giving up buying new and I'm just going to tart up the things I've got already - It'll be like having my very own Gok Wan as a mate). Also the gorgeous Pam will be on hand to point you in the right direction.

The sale is only tomorrow 11-4pm and I'm having Sunday off. Woo, not sure what we are doing as it is a toss up between seaside and ten pin bowling. I'll let you know later...

Dy xxx


Anonymous said...

I would certainly be interested on an online journalling class. Have you not thought about making your workshops into kits Dyan and selling them online. I would buy them all xxx

Anonymous said...

Great to see you today and sale shop (a little) too.
To celebrate being home I burnt the dinner..
Hey ho!
Especially loved your studio footwear today.
Marvy ;o)
Hope you have a fabby day off tomorrow xx

Michelle Green said...

Oh oo oo! Me, me, me! I would definately be interested in an online class!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have thought about making kits but always seem to run out of time!!!! Too busy modelling shoes eh!
Mush - thanks for all your lovely comments, have only just worked out how to reply duh!!!!

Sue Pinner said...

Love all your work and Jays too
Very into recycling at the minute
Loved this idea tried to download the free video but couldn't open it so did my own looking forward to meeting you...doing the wkend at the end of November...have a few pics of my newspaper art journal l started yesterday on my blog
Cya soon

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