Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneak peaks 2.....

So all the McDuff samples are now finished. I am really pleased with the eclectic mix of workshops. For those of you who are going it's only around 5 weeks to wait - I hope you are all excited? For those of you who aren't going - why not - go go go - book yourself a fabby weekend with good workshops, good company and lots of laughs. For more info click - HERE

I went to see the girlie's in their new flat last night. Jealous or what! It's all spacious and modern. I could easily live there myself....I stocked up their food cupboards, all their laundry products, so hopefully they won't be coming home with all their dirty washing!

They live near a fabulous interiors shop and I spent about half an hour with my face pressed against the window. Loads and loads of inspiration there, I just need the time now to get on and create. I am thinking of turning the girls old room into a creative haven just for me. A place where I can create and be inspired away from work. Knowing my luck I'll do it and the girls will move home again. Ooh that's a tough one - inspiring creative space vs girlie's home. I don't think I'll answer that!

Cool class going on tomorrow - Birthday cards using 7gypsies papers and stickers. I don't do many card classes these days, but was really pleased with these. I have never been a sticker person, but 7gypsies really converted me. These are so versatile and all the samples were made with just 2 sets of stickers!!

Bye for now

Dy xx


Sarah Louise said...

Your Macduff projects look fab. Cant wait to see them and yourself in real life, lol

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

great stuff, shame your blog got lost! i enjoy following your work, just bought a british craftmag and saw you in it, like that being so far from home ( born and raised goerdie and now in belgium) keep up the great work
tanya watts
ps: i gave you a link on my blog if that's okay

Sharon said...

Love the sneak peeks Dyan!
Can't wait till September :)

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