Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bank Holiday Fun.....

Well the preview weekend was a great success, some of the classes have sold out already - told you that you had to be quick! I was worried that we wouldn't have many people come with it being Bank Holiday, but I was wrong.

I hope you all had a fab bank holiday weekend. I did a fair bit of partying ( I have photos of party shoes, but the other camera is jammed and I can't get the photos off!), but I also did a fair bit of work. I finally finished the 7gypsies handbag sample. These handbags are really sturdy and come with metal handles. I used all 7gypsies NottingHill papers and embellishments, including their clear stamps which are an absolute must. I am really pleased with it. The main theme of the album is my lovely late dad - bless him. A full list of all the materials used in this sample will be put up tomorrow.

I am already starting on samples for the Nov/Dec workshops. Today I was making a gorgeous little book all about the 12 days of Christmas. I just adore Christmas and it's a good job really as I spend most of the year revolving round it. I start planning Christmas in Feb and do my last Christmas class in Jan at the ScrapAttack weekend - so that only gives me 4 weeks off a year. Some people might think that is really sad, but I love it! Tomorrows class is a Christmas book in a tin, which is always a popular class and then we are having a break from classes for 2 weeks.

Saturday is our sale day. It's at the studio only and runs from 11-4pm. We will once again be having a massive clear out, so plenty of bargains to be had. Next is the run up to the McDuff retreat, so we will be packing kit after kit after kit. It's always a nightmare worrying if you have forgotten anything (It's a 12hr drive back), but luckily it normally goes really smoothly.

Spoke to Lance (Mr Pickle) a couple of days ago and he is going to come and teach for me in early December. He will defiantly be at my studio, but we may still be doing something down south as we - Fingers crossed and I will keep you informed.

Dy xxx

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Michelle Green said...

Oooh album is really pretty! And I can't wait to get you and Lance together, my 2 favourite teachers, in 1 place!!!

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