Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Dylusions Paint

We hope you have all recovered from the excitement of the New Dylusions product launch?!! 

We will be showcasing the new products on the blog over the next week, to start things off we have samples using the new yummy paints. 

Six new colours have been added to the Dylusions palette. Dylusions Paints are easily blendable yet waterproof, dry quickly to a matte finish and accept all types of writing inks. With 30 colours to choose from, adding more colour to one's creative life just got better!

Below are a range of backgrounds made using the New Dylusions paints, on Manila, Black & Craft tags and Journal inserts. Its amazing how gorgeous the colours look when painted onto the different card stock.

Above we have used the brayer technique with Peony Blush, Perwinkle Blue, Vanilla Custard paints on a manila tag. Then we have stencilled on the top in Modern Script using Mushy Pea paint.

Here We've used the New Dylusions Vanilla Custard, Peony Blush, and Rose Quartz Paint and the blocking technique. The stencils used are Modern Script, Stained Glass and Fresh Dots.

Next on a manilla journal inset we have done the blocking technique with Rose Quartz, Peony Blush and White Linen. The stencils used are Fresh Dots and Sqaures stencilled in the new Laidback Lilac.

On a craft journal insert We have done the blocking technique with Laidback Lilac, Peony blush and Periwinkle Blue Paints. The stencils used are; Modern script, Stained Glass, Diamond in the rough.

On a craft Journal insert, we have used Vanilla Custard, Rose Quartz and Mushy peas paint. Stencils used are Stained Glass, Which direction and Hearts.

Next we have added layers of Vanilla Custard, Peony Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Rose Quartz, Laidback Lilac and Mushy Peas using a brayer. 

Above on a black tag we have brayered layers of Vanilla Custard, Peony Blush, Rose Quartz and  Periwinkle Blue. Next we have stencilled the Arrow border stencil in Vanilla Custard. 

Here we have added Vanilla Custard, Mushy Peas, Peony Blush and laidback lilac using a brayer. We have then stencilled over the top using Old School Alphabet and Perwinkle Blue. 

Next we have used Laidback Lilac, Periwinkle Blue and Mushy Peas using the blocking technique. Stencils used are Small Arrow border and Fresh Dots.

On a black Journal Insert are the New Rose Quartz, Laidback Lilac and Periwinkle Blue, applied with a brayer

On a manilla Jornal Insert using Peony Blush, Mushy Peas, Vanilla Custard and Periwinkle Blue. The stencil is from the borders set stencilled in Peony Blush.

Here we have just stencilled straight onto a manilla tag with the Modern script and Vanilla Custard and Peony Blush Paint. 

On a black journal insert page, We have stencilled the arrows straight onto the page in Rose Quartz and Vanilla Custard. 

Here we have done the blocking technique in Vanilla Custard, Mushy Peas and Rose Quartz.

Our next blog will be showing you what we have created with these backgrounds.

Dy & Jay x

All New Dylusions products are available for pre-order at Art from the heart now - To View Click Here


Mich said...

I love the vibrancy of the original colours, and these will be an excellent complement !! Can't wait to add them to my collection :)

Unknown said...

these new colors are absolutely LUSHIOUS....good enough to EAT!!!! (well not really). I can't wait to get my hands on them. I'll be honest, I want them all,...NOW!!!

CarrieStephenson said...

Fabulous background samples. Loving the new paints, have pre-ordered and looking forward to getting my hands on them :)

LuLu Badgley said...

I love the names of the colors

Unknown said...

I see they are available for pre-order at several places in the U.S., but no one is giving any dates they will ship. I'm going to be traveling for most of Sept, so I need to know where to have them shipped (because Heaven knows I don't want to miss one day of playing w/ these beauties until I get home!)

Kitty said...

Another triumph!! So excited to play!

Sue said...

Love the new colors! Can't wait to mix them in with the "old" colors!

Terri-Lea said...

We need another video showing what colors work with each other please. Love the new colors!!!

SmokieBlueRose said...

LOVE all of the colors in this release!!! So pretty!!

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