Friday, January 13, 2017

New Dylusions Product Launch - January 2017

NEW! Dylusions Product Launch January 2017

Yipppeeeeee, I cannot begin to explain how excited We are to finally be able to share our new Dylusions products with you.

 Brace yourselves lovelies....  

To start with We have a fan-freakin-tabolous NEW! Dylusions Creative Dyary!!!


And to go with the Dylusions Creative Dyary we have our very own gorgeous book of 24 pages NEW! Creative Dyary StickersNEW! Creative Dyary Die Cuts, all ready for you to begin decorating & planning!

Yummy, Yummy Co-ordinating NEW! Creative Dyary Stick its and NEW! Creative Dyary Tape

NEW! Creative Dyary Stamp Set and NEW! Creative Dyary Ink Set

NEW! Creative Dyary Heart Clips and super exciting... NEW! COLOUR PAINT PENS!!!

NEW! Creative Flip Journals in Large and Small
NEW! Journal Tape sheets... in a new selection of creative sizes!!

NEW! Colouring Sheets
NEW! Collection 2 Features 2 of each 12 original Dyan Reaveley Designs.

NEW! Collection 3 includes exclusive Dylusions designs in multiple sizes; smaller sizes ideal for card making.

NEW! Dylusions Postcard Images and NEW! Dylusions Adhesive Canvas Images
 Introducing the second edition of Dylusions Postcards & Canvas images,  each pack includes 8 designs taken from Dyan's  art journal 

Eeeeeeekk NEW! 6 Dylusions Stamp Sets
- Cat Among The Pigeons
- Mini Me
- Mini Moo
- Oodles of Foliage
- Puppy Dog Tales
- Shut Up and Color

NEW! 5 New Dylusions Stencils all available in two sizes 
NEW! 3 New Sassy Silhouette Stencils all include 3 sizes

NEW! Signature Designer Accessory Bags

...And what more could you wish for than your very own stylish Dylusions Signature Designer Accessory 3 Piece Bags to store your beautiful stencils, art supplies etc in??
10" W x 6" H
11"W x 8.5" H
14" Wx 11"H


I know that is a lot of new products to take in, fear not we will be showcasing the new products with lots of yummy samples and talking more in depth about each individual product on the blog over the next week.


Lynne Vowles said...

Fabulous, it's going to be hard to choose x

lindam said...

WOW! Lots of new yummy's. Love it!

JEANNE said...

wooo hooo running around with hands in air....want it all!!!! now to find someone whose going to sell it in usa lol

Annette said...

As I said, you are going to bankrupt me.

Donna K. said...

Love all the new stuff, especially the bags and stamps. Will be on the loo for them online as all my local stamp or scrapbook stores closed. Maybe you can do a giveaway of some of the products? Ask Ranger.

Anne said...

Must have the Dog Stamps!!! The Striped Weiner dog cracks me up-LOVE!

HattysScrapPlace said...

OMG!!!! I need all!!!!!!
Thanks Dyan!!!! 💖

JoAnn Girimonte said...

I am going to be broke. Everything is gorgeous, and love all your colors. The designs are awesome. Thank you for sharing, and for all the work you put into it.

LeonieM said...

OMGoodness.... yes! One of everything..... love love love

Unknown said...

Holly Cow. That is an amazing product line. 💋😍

Theresa said...

Oh man. There's lots of great stuff here!!! I want it all!!!!

Theresa said...

Dog stamps!!! Tape! Coloring sheets!! Awesome journals!!! Three storage pouches!!! I ❤️ It all!!!!! Great release!!!!

Donna K. said...

Though I love the stamps the most because I haven't gotten into the art journaling thing, Those new journals look really cool. The bags will be great for keeping supplies organized. Just need some boxes to house all your Dylusions ink sprays as I have them all!

Unknown said...

Hi Dyan! I just place my order with a store owner! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get my hands on them and play. Love all the products! I'm getting all the stamps, the creative Dyary collection! Plus flip journal. I think that's a good start to begin with, also paint pen and mini pads. I think that it! Thank you for your new line. love your work!
Hugs Betsy

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