Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Adventures at a trade show...

Yes its time for the start of the Autumn tour and it always kicks off with the Collins Show, a trade show in Orlando.
The year Ranger where teaching for the full day on the Monday, so I left it to the last minute before flying out.

Leeds to heathrow

Heathrow to Charlotte

Charlotte to Orlando...24 hours in total

A quick hello and straight to bed.

Luckily I didn't have the early morning spot. hat fell to the lovely Dina, so I didn't have to drag myself out of bed too early.\

I had a respectable 10.30 start, lol. Of course I forgot to take any pictures during the class, but here's a picture of the project I was teaching.

A simple book made from insert sheets, decorated with my new Halloween, stamp/stencil combo, Eat, drink and be scary.

Tim was up for the next class and the rest of the designers gatecrashed the proceedings, lol.

Here we all are during the set up.

Wendy and Dina

Tim and Alain 


The mess.

I seem to have lost the picture of our Sales Manager, the lovely Coleen, but she's included here on this one.

Tims class was Christmas, yay my fave.

And here's my finished projects. Not the best photos, but I was quite traumatised by the use of glitter and shiny foil !!!!

Anyway, I did my best and I'm sure Our Ben will be pleased to have them in the shop for display.

As usual, there is always a disaster with me. This trip it came early on as one of the temporary veneers on a front tooth decided that it was the perfect time to dislodge itself, leaving me with a smile worthy of any Hillbilly granny!!!. Cue the very embarrassed no smiling look, much to every ones hilarity.

Then it was time for the big clean up and we all headed back to the airport, venturing to our various destinations.

Mine was Ranger Headquarters and I landed to a cup of tea about 1.30 this morning.

So I am here, safely ensconced in my office working on top secret things as usual. It will be head down and hard at it. Well, okay, there may be the odd trip for Halloween goodies, I confess.

I'll keep you updated.

This weekend I will be flying out to New Braunfels in Texas to teach at the lovely Susan's store Scrapbook'n'more. These will be small, intimate classes as it was a last minute booking, so if yon prefer the personal touch get yourself booked on and join me in the fun.

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

Wow, just reading about your last few days makes me tired. You're the double for the Energizer Bunny, I just know it!! {winkwink} The Halloween book and the Christmas canvases are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing all the photos of the fun. Can't wait to see what you're dreaming up for us to play with this time!

frenchie said...

Ohhhh, would love to join ya at New Braunfels....let me look at my schedule!!

Cheers - Frenchie

maggiej said...

can't wait to see you at Susan's store this coming weekend!

Mary Gordon-Hagler said...

Wish I could be in your class...and why do dental emergencies occur on flights? My front tooth crown decided to fall off on a flight to Tampa.... For an interview... For a staff position at the Tribune... Hillbilly granny indeed... ( was hired... Retired... Now paper was swallowed up by the St. Pete Times...and now the base of crown broke off being retired no dental ins so hillbilly granny again til I croak...sigh... Enjoy your stay and can't wait to catch you again at one of the events.... Hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️....ps great boots kiddo...

Barbee said...

Wonderful pictures and amazing art! So sorry about your tooth - that's awful but you're beautiful with or without teeth showing, just so nice to see the inside photos. Hope you get a little time to rest up for your next great adventure! I love your skirts!! Take care talented artist!

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