Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm in Texas this weekend...

One minute it was January and next week it will be March, so what the frikk happened to February???
Here one minute then gone the next...seriously the days are just flying by.

I have spent the last 10 days teaching two of the Back to Back retreats with the lovely Dina and also teaching at the fabulous Everything Scrapbook and Stamps, and fighting off a bug!!

I am currently sat in Dallas airport waiting for my flight to Wichita Falls where I will be teaching at the wonderful ScrapbooknSuch on Saturday and Sunday.
I think there are one or two spots left, so give them a call on
904 6918777 and come see me
I am doing two 4 hr classes on the Saturday, suitable for all levels and a full day on the Sunday. The Sunday class is an extension of classes taught before, so you need to have done a full day class with me previously or attend both classes on the Saturday to attend.

Aaaaargh!!! I have been trying to upload photos to this post for 3 hrs now and I am slowly losing the will to live!!!

So I am now giving up, posting it without photos and going to find a beer !!

Enjoy xx


see me said...

Enjoy the beer and be damned with the photos :)

Sue said...

Hope you found that beer! Have lots of fun this weekend!

Michele said...

OH MY! Here I have just truly discovered you and here you are within a couple hundred miles away!! You ought to come see us in Oklahoma

Danny said...

Had a BLAST!!!! Glad we had you here till next time... Danny

Jenny said...

And now its nearly April... this year is flying fast! Hope that bug didn't last. Have a very happy creative arty Easter :)

Kathryn said...

Hello Dyan! I am a new "Dyan fan girl". I have recently purchased just about all your products and have watched your videos over and over. I purchased your "Distinctly Dylusional" book and received it today. I'm only on page four and already am thrilled. I really want to thank you for being you and sharing your talent. I need to learn how to journal and through your techniques and examples, I feel I will be able to start and then find my own style. I apologize for being so long, however, you have touched my life so profoundly and I am forever grateful. Kathryn

Quote of the Century

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How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott