Monday, October 19, 2015

Where have I been????

The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of stores and teaching and I am way way behind with blogging. Mind you I have travelled thousands of miles, packed and unpacked box after box of supplies and taught approx 350 students, so I know I will be forgiven.

Store one was The Scrapbooking Studio, Moline. Owned by the lovely Amy.

Then it was onto Scrapbook-n-memories, Harrisonville, owned by the lovely Courtney. Unfortunately iPhotos seem to have eaten most of the photos from this store, sorry about that.

Then it was onto Scrappy Chic Livonia, Michigan, owned by the lovely Chris.
This is the biggest store I have ever taught in, and the most students.

Now Thursday night in Livonia is Drag Queen Bingo.!!!

 So prepare to meet the girls...!!!

This is the lovely Ruth ( who hates having her photo taken ), but can you see the gorgeous book she made me.

It is paper folding at its finest and spells out the word Dylusions. I was completely overwhelmed at the time and skill put into it. It is now residing in my Office at Ranger along with all my other treasures.

Then, last but not least, I have just finished teaching at Angela's Happy Stamper, in Reston Virginia, owned by the lovely Pastor Angela.

 And that's my last four weeks in a nut shell. A big thank you to all the students who gave up their weekends to come and be educated the Dylusions way, you were all marvellous, and my favourite students.......for now!!!!!!! of course lol.

But a massive shout out to the store owners, not just the ones I have been lately but to all the independent store owners that I teach for. Its still a tough business out there and some are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and neeeeeeeeeeed your support. Please please please support your local stores. You may save a dollar here and there, elsewhere, but your local stores give you membership into a fabulous club of friendship, education, and more all rolled into one. Where else could you go to hang out, to get the latest products, to be shown how to use things, for special orders, to make friends, etc etc. And also bring you fabulous tutors like me, lmao.

Mwah to you all, I salute you 

Enjoy xx


by belle said...

I spy with my little eye...the LOVELY Alice dress!!! Gorgeous, just like you!!

kate blue said...

awesome and I can't imagine how exhausted you were! Love all the pics and love love love that Alice in Wonderland dress!!! kat

Caroline D. said...

It's always fun to see all your photos from your adventures! Your table of all your journals was awesome... such beautiful covers. And your Alice in Wonderland dress is fantastic!

Rea' said...

Wonderful !!

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