Friday, August 14, 2015


Im not really sure whats going on with my iPhoto since this latest update!!! It appears to have eaten all my finished sample photos!!!

So I will nip back to the office tomorrow and take them again for you all.

I'm loving saying that "nip back to the office". Why you might ask?
Because normally on a Friday night I am in a new place ready for a busy teaching weekend. But not this time, I have given myself the weekend off teaching, which means I haven't had to repack my bags and travel anywhere. I'm still working but I'm Ranger based, whoop de frikkin whoop.

I have managed to find a few samples of the new border stencils, arrow and hearts , which by the way I am freakin loving!!! I don't know how I managed without them. The purpose of them is to lay down some colour and then doodle over. Here are some before pics.

 But you will have to wait for tomorrow to see the afters!!!

Talking of stencils, as you all know I am the Queen of organisation and need a place for everything but within easy reach. I was sorting out all my shape stencils. I normally keep them in little plastic wallets but can never find the ones I am looking for.

At he last show I was admiring Tim's Clip Carousel and a light bulb went off. So without further ado I introduce my new stencil storage!!!

Seriously, how frikkin fab is that !!!

I have been doing lots of reorganising in my office, so I will do you a little video next week showing you.

I might treat myself in the morning and lie in till 8.30 and then take a leisurely stroll in! Proper spoil myself. lol.

In other news, the lovely Seth Apter, who is teaching at my store in November (get in !!), has released a new line of stamps, which are so cool. Have a look HERE. Congratulations my lovely.

And to end, I love this pic of my two babes waiting for me to come home. Awww only 9 more sleeps.

Enjoy xx


Elaine Creighton said...

I have to have the arrow stencil what size is it? Love it!!

Caroline D. said...

Sometimes it is the small things in life that make us smile the most. Like not having to pack up your suitcases this week! Looking forward to seeing the new samples and to see what you're dreaming up at Ranger!

Deborah Frings said...

Can't wait to get hold of the new stencils and stamps!! Enjoy your weekend!

Yvonne said... reading your posts! Glad to hear you are getting the weekend off! You deserve and spoiling sounds perfect! Have a great weekend...oh and I can't wait to see the new stencils!!! Hugs.

Sandy said...

One of those stands is on my wishlist for exactly that reason it looks awesome with all the stencils. Woohoo easy to see and find exactly what you are looking for now.

Diana said...

oh!! loving these before's!!!! can't wait to get me some new stencils!!!!
in the meantime i know what my plans are for today!!!! the pic of your babes!

Salomé said...

I can't wait to see the result of your tags! And the carousel is a great idea for stencils!!!
A new video of your office would be wonderful, and don't forget to show us all your monster high dolls, I'm a fan and I have many!! I like seeing yours! ;)

Unknown said...

Love your storage idea! Looking forward to seeing your work area!

Seth said...

Looking forward to November Dyan! And thanks for the shout out on my new stamps.

Maureen Hayes said...

Please make a video of your room, I would love to see where you create and how you store things!

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