Saturday, June 27, 2015

Black and white Dylusional step out...

I thought I would do you a step by step of a black and white page. This page has hidden journaling underneath it. A fabulous tip for when you want to get out what's in your head with out any danger of anyone seeing it.

Here's what you need to make it.

Journal page
black pen
Black marble Dylusions paint
blending foam and tool
Dylusions stamps
Jet black archival ink
plain copy paper
collage glue stick
Dylusions journal block
white pen

all available at AFTH


choose a journal page and write all over it quickly and boldly. I usually do my gripes and grumbles.

When you get to the bottom of the page, turn it sideways and write all the things you are grateful for, cancelling out your gripes.

Add the black marble paint to the foam of your blending tool and completely cover all the writing.
You need to leave your page to dry thoroughly. I usually paint half a dozen pages at once and leave them a couple of hours to be completely cured before you add any white pen.

Collect the stamps you will be using.

Ink them with the archival pad and stamp onto copy paper.

Cut them out anmd stick them onto the page with the collage glue stick.

Next we will be adding a frame using the Dylusions journal block.
Position it at the side of the page and draw round it with a white pen.

Repeat across the top of the page

 If you get to part of the person, then just draw in the gaps.

Join up the gaps freehand

Repeat on all four sides

Repeat the same procedure three more times so that you have a large frame with a small frame either side.

Add simple doodling into the large frame.

You can always add more elaborate doodling.

Using the journal block, add lines from the top of the frame to half way down, alternating thick and thin.

Now repeat from the bottom of the frame until you meet in the middle.

Again add simple doodling in the small lines

 Choose a quote and write in the thicker lines.

Enjoy xx


stamping sue said...

stamping sue

Caroline D. said...

Gorgeous page and I love how you positioned her sitting atop the swirls!! Thank you for taking time to show all the steps with photos... I always enjoy seeing you create!

Tona said...

This is amazing!

Miranda said...

absolutely fabulous, love love love it
(did I already say that I love it....)

Leslie G said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing (it's easy when you know how). :)

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