Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flying visit to the Island...

That is , Long Island, New York.

This week I am joined by my daughter Jay, The Resident Bit of Glamour, who has flown over to spend some Mummy Daughter time with me.

We were back for a flying visit to Scrappers Playground. Sues Mum and Dad, the fabulous Hank and gorgeous Dee Mamma put themselves at our disposal for our adventures.

Sue has one of the best classrooms around, tons of space, comfy chairs and TV monitors so everyone can see, so it is always a pleasure to teach there.

One of my regular students, the fabulous Dorothy, wasn't well on the second day, but still made time to drop me a special gift. I was stunned and tearful when I unwrapped it to reveal a bottle of Limoncello. She is a regular reader of my blog and had noted the passing of Gwen. What a wonderful, unexpected gesture. Dorothy you are a total sweetheart and I salute you.

So what to do?

No contest. We opened it and we toasted Gwen, ourselves, each other and all the inspirational women in our lives, past and present.

I am nearing the final leg of my tour, this weekend I am at The Scrapbooking Studio in Moline. Three more sleeps and I will be hotfooting it over the pond back home!!!!

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

I still think it is so wonderful that you bring so much joy to so many people in your classes! You have a real gift you know... no, make that... you ARE the gift you know! :) Hope your last teaching gig goes smoothly and have a safe trip back home. Enjoy the wedding too!

Carol McCready said...

What a beautiful daughter you have.
Love that artwork.

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott