Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Luggage has landed…!!!

..Finally.!!!!!!! Only 6 days late..

But at least its here which means, at last, I have been able to get all the new product samples photographed and uploaded.

So sorry for the delay, but here goes.

First up are my background stencils available in lg and sml




 There are also two new types of shapes stencils which include the cut out mask pieces

The first is Suits


Here's some simple backgrounds made with the stencils, Dina Wakely paints and the Tim Holtz mini blending tool. I will be making videos of new techniques as soon as I get rid of the flu!!

And then we have the stamps

Don't hold back…my usually impolite sayings.

Jays up inspired and drawn for me by the Resident bit of Glamour, Our Jay.

Shrooms…larger size for the larger journal

Surrender…Taken from actual collages in my ledger

Survivor…as above from my ledger

Strength…a compilation of Survivor and Surrender

And a few samples combining both stamps and stencils…

Hope you like them, more tomorrow.

Enjoy xx


Gaz Corner said...

Very creative Stan like the stars and suites plus your use of tattoo like swallows really great work keep it up Gaz XX

Helen said...

Hope you get better soon, love the samples!

Unknown said...

Love what you do! Hope you feel better soon.

Saranne Valentine said...

WoWza!!! Feel better!

Unknown said...

Super fantabulous! Stunning samples as always! ♥️♥️♥️ Your art Dyan x

Unknown said...

Fantabulous! Stunning samples as always! ♥️♥️♥️ your art Dyan x

CarrieStephenson said...

Fabulous samples. Loving your new impolite sayings, especially 'Caution - Mood Swing in Progress' :D

Get better soon

Carol McCready said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Love the new stamps & stencils.

Miranda said...

Fantabulous, love the new stamps and stencils they are so flippin awesome and the examples are just marvellous
hopefully your new collection will be available here soon

Big hugzzzz

❤ Kaia said...

Love your work and products...

Hugs, Kaia

massofhair said...

Superb impolite sayings and need Strength! Thank you for such a fantastic set of new releases. Feel better very soon Dyan:-) xxx

snazzyoriginal said...

Fab samples, love the vibrancy and really, really ned those impolite sayings. Take care and get better soon xx

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