Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catch up at last...

phew its been a busy few weeks and of course I am miles behind in blogging.!!

I am currently in Frankfurt at Creative world, which is a mahoosive trade show. Unfortunately I am not too good, jet lag and heavy cold really kicking my ass, lol. So much so that I had to come home early from the show today!!!, probably a first, for some much needed catch up on rest and sleep.

After a few hours sorting all my photos I can now commence a mega series of blog posts, starting way back at CHA.

I arrived on the Wednesday, with Our Ben and started prepping all the samples and boards for the stands. Friday saw me teaching a 5hr triptych canvas class to a class of fabulous students and what a fabulous job they all did.

Two of my good friends who were happy to participate as elves in my class. Good job Cesar and Gentleman Jim. Mwah.

then it was back to setting up the show floor

CHA is a fabulous time for meeting up with old friends.


The gorgeous Mario


The utterly talented and fabulous, Miss Dina Wakely, making her debut as our latest signature designer ( more info later )

lovely lovely Jill

Jim and Cesar



Dina and new friend the lovely Seth Apter

Me Mam, wendy Vecchi (he he ) and the lovely Joanne


The Pope


Gorgeous angel Elena

Lovely Finnabair

Care in the community.!!

Mr Ken

And then its the big breakdown of the stand.

And that's it for today, more tomorrow…

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

That was so fun to see all the pics! Know it took a long time to get them all in the post. I noticed you snuck The Pope in there too!! LOL Love those canvasses from your class... all shown are just gorgeous!

The Hardy Stamper said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon Dyan. Thanks for sharing your CHA adventures - it looks like a lot of fun! I like your special elves too!

Pkozak said...

Looks like everyone there had a fabulous time with you and at your class!! Feel better soon!

Pkozak said...
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Claudine said...

What a wonderful recap Dyan. Thanks for ally he great photos and sharing everything with us. I'm so sorry your ill, please rest up and sending you healthy vibes from Colorado!!

massofhair said...

Feel better very soon Dyan, rest up & chill for a while...

Thank you for sharing your CHA pics & adventures, must be food for the soul when you meet up with such talented people:-)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Feel well soon Dyan. I'm sending healthy vibes from the beautiful Scottish Highlands, fine weather & germ free ;)
Those canvases were all fabulous; your instructions must have been bang on. It was lovely to see all the photies and all the happy happy faces :o) Mo x

Sue said...

Wonderful pics. I saw many familiar (and loved) faces! Sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon.

maggie said...

You need to make a trip to San Antonio TX

maggie said...

You should make a trip to San Antonio. We would love to have you.

Arts by Sara said...

Oh my... wow... everyone was sooo busy! But it is always nice to see all of the beautiful people at CHA!!! You are such a fabulous person! I am so glad to be getting to know you! One day... I will be there too!!! Hugs!!!

texasbarb said...

Oh Dyan, I hope you're feeling better soon!! Thanks for the much fun seeing all the people I follow and especially my buddies Jim and Cesar and the fantastic Dina.

I hope you're coming to TX to teach the triptych class...LOVE how that project turned out!!!

Kaz said...

The pope!!! Whooohoo get you! Loved your catch up you look fabulous!! Sending big fat kisses! Miss you lots xx
Kaz x

Seth said...

So glad we finally had a chance to meet!!! Looking forward to crossing paths again as well!

Unknown said...

Your work is so beautiful
Love from Rikke

Unknown said...

Your art work is so beautiful.
Hugs from( Rikke Denmark)

Unknown said...

Your work is so beautiful
Love from Rikke

wendy vecchi said...

if Ted Cutts can be Tim's father, I can be your MAM!

Marjie Kemper said...

Fabulous pics! So lovely seeing you and hoping your are feeling loads better.

Dina said...

I miss you, my friend! kiss kiss!

Hee Sun Kim (MIYAKE) said...

I miss you~~~!!! Love Dyan! :)

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