Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent of the Dress….

Each year when December rolls around I take part in wearing a different dress every day of the month. This year I have been really remiss in posting each days offering…in fact I posted day one and missed the other 15 lol.
So here we go with the first 16 days of 2014 Advent of a Dress

Day 1… Lady V

Day 2…Pin up Girl

Day 3… vintage

Day 4…Pin up Girl

Day 5…Lady V

Day 6…Vintage

Day 7…Vintage

Day 8…Vintage

Day 9…Betty Paige

Day 10…Pin up Girl

Day 11... Betty Paige

Day 12…Collectif

Day 13…Vintage

Day 14… Handmade

Day 15…Hand made

Day 16... Deadly Dames

I promise I will try to keep up a bit more from tomorrow, lol, but don't hold your breath !!!

Enjoy xx


Potatoejam said...

16 is THE BEST

Anonymous said...

I love your style!! too cute every day! I dig your day 5 boots!

Miranda said...

what a wonderful collection of dresses, all gorgeous
you look lovely in all of them


Laura (Faerielore) said...

How many dresses do you own Hun hehehe, gorgeous dresses, loving the handmade beauties, hope you have a lovely Christmas dy xxxxx

Virginia said...

Looking beautiful as always Dyan!

Sandra Botham said...

Oh my lordy these are amazing. You look stunning in every one of them. Puts my dresses to shame, lol. Looking forward to seeing the rest :-) mwah.
Sandra. Xxx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous each and every one!!!
You should be a model ;)
Day 14 is amazing.
See you Sunday. xxx

Debbie said...

Wow Dy these dresses are all lovely. You really are the Queen of the 40's.
My two favourites are No.6 (love that neckline) and 14, wow love how you made this.
I am joining a sewing club in January and I am gunna go back to making some of my own clothes, used to do it years ago and loved it.
Hope you and Ben (and your other family) have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you in 2014. Debbiex

Sue said...

I love them all, but day 7 is my favorite!

Cim Allen said...

I love the dresses !! I love your hair !! You are just too cool for words :)

Sandy said...

Wow my fave's are 1, 5 and 12 gotta love you in spots so you..
Have a great Christmas..
Sandy :)

Marijane said...

Where on earth do you find all these retro-style dresses? Do you make them yourself?

Joanne Seale said...

The red dress is gorgeous

Heidi said...

Wow.....Beautiful :-)
I love them all and love Your style.

hugs , Heidi

Lea said...

Day 16 is DA BOMB! You look fab in them all but that red dress is hot on you! Work it, girl!

Unknown said...

Love the handmade dress of Day 14! I just love your style and have adopted your quote "It's easy when you know how"....Ain't that the truth! Looking forward to learning more from you in 2014! Thank you for your inspiration and creative spirit, Dyan! XOXO-Shari

Arts by Sara said...

Dyan... you can pull off any look you want! I think your dress collection is fabulous! You Rock them all! Hugs!!! <3

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