Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Living it up...sorry working hard...in San Antonio...

Last week I was teaching in San Antonio at the fabulous Stamp Antonio store. As usual we had to go have my obligatory steak an broccoli. I am so boring when it comes to food, I can eat the same thing every day...

Oatmeal and banana for breakfast
Spinach and chicken salad  for lunch
Steak broccoli and sweet potato for dinner

every day lol washed down with margharitas or cold beer.

looks like I seem to have made a friend lol

With the lovely Carol and Amy, my hosts for the next few days

Sniggers quietly at the sign !

Love love and frikkin love the decor...

Couldn't make my mind up so plumped for the Dos a Rita... went down a treat...

 The next day was down to business.

I decided to liven up Carol's hair with my inks...

Hope she likes it... lol

 Love love love this woman x

She was so frikkin happy with it she did the same to the dog, Popi

 And all too soon it was over and time for me to be transported to the next store. Guess where the rendezvous was.?  Yup in a steakhouse lol, where I seemed to bag myself a cowboy...yaa hah !!

And the shenanigans continued at the next store, when I made a return visit to Carolyn at The Crafty Scrapper

More deets tomorrow

Enjoy xx


Alice I. said...

Thank you for taking us along on your travels! Never a dull moment with you, Ms. Dy!

Sharon Y said...

Looks like you are having a grand ole time in Texas! Enjoy!

Gerrittina said...

You have a tough life!I pity you. :0)

Carol McCready said...

Love your post. Looks like you all are having so much fun.
I wonder how my dog would react to
being dylusioned.

The Hardy Stamper said...

It looks like so much fun out there! I'm with you on the daily diet - all except for the broccolli (can I swap it for mushrooms please)?!

Please can you persuade Jim to come over to the UK sometime to teach? I'd love to meet him and Cesar.

Disco Queen said...

Wish I was there

The Hardy Stamper said...

It was so nice to see you on Jim's Ustream show tonight! I'm glad that Cesar and Jim are spoiling you rotten - you deserve it! You all looked so happy and relaxed - it was lovely.

Melody said...

I so enjoy seeing your adventures and the happiness you spread everywhere you go! I have to say I absolutely LOVE your tattoo!

Francesca said...

Looks like you had fun.

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How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott