Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Book 2014 opens today...did you win.?? **EDITED SO LINKS WORK**

Yes, the long awaited registration for Life Book 2014 is happening today.

A whole year of fabulous classes from 22 fabulous teachers, me included lol.

To find all the info and register go HERE

Please note this is an affiliate ink and is how the teachers get paid. When you register through this link I get a small percentage. Yayyyyy.

So who won the free place from my giveaway..????

Drum roll please.............

 Fay Hartwell said...
Hi Dyan, I would love to win a place on Life Book 2014.
While I'm here, I just want to tell you I love your spirit, I laughed out loud at your blog today, you're a shining light! Your videos always make me giggle too! Thanks for being so brilliant.

Yayyy big congratulations my lovely. Can you let me know your email address and I will get the prize sorted out for you.
I have just finished teaching a really hectic week in Teas ( more of that in  tomorrows blog) and I am now on my way to Austin for 2 days R n R with the lovey Jim and Cesar. Yeehah
Enjoy xx


Alice I. said...

First, congratulations Fay! Lucky lady! Dyan, you made me laugh this morning....I really tried to imagine you hollerin' "Yeehah" but it just wasn't happening! lol Enjoy your much deserved R&R.

grandmad1ana said...

The link seems to be broken...

The Hardy Stamper said...

Congratulations to the winner. I am so jealous of you going to stay with Jim and Cesar! I'm sure that you will have an amazing time there! Will you still be there during Jim's "Takeout Tuesday" Ustream broadcast? Perhaps you could do a guest spot? Please give them a hug from me.

Sande said...

Congratulations Fay! Enjoy!

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