Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fancy joining me on Tuesday......??

It is Dylusions Christmas at Art from the Heart and you could be be making some of these little beauties...

Tons of backgrounds, tons of ideas. It's not yet the 1st of December so I am not supposed to have Christmas songs in the studio, but If you don't tell Our Ben then I won't, lol
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I have taught 2 art journaling classes this weekend, both with a Christmas theme, here's a page from one of them.

It was based on one of my Ranger videos, which are now all on the website HERE.

Here is part one.

and here is part two.

I have just returned from the US and whilst there I spent some time at Ranger Headquarters, doing highly technical top secret kind of stuff.!!! He he.Whilst there 2 of my favourite boys flew in as well, The lovely Tim and Mario. Although we were there on official duty and working really hard with long hours, we always, always make time for some fun. I will post you some pics on another post, but we introduced Mario to the perfection that is Fanny Craddock and had a ball making a new video. Can't wait for that one, lol. I have a new catch phrase, courtesy of Fanny herself, wonder if you can spot it!!!

In other exciting news, Our Ben and the lovely Katie went to New York during hurricane Sandy. And despite all the devastation, and there is lots, believe me I have seen it first hand, despite that they have embarked on a new journey together. Our Ben popped the question and Katie agreed to be his bride. You could have probably heard her shriek of excitement over here, lol. So she is now going to be Official Daughter in law to be. I am so pleased and wish the pair of them everything they wish for themselves. Congratulations Ben and Katie, I salute you .

I'll leave you with a few journal pages I did on the plane

and this is how my head feels at the moment...

I think I need to give myself some love, lol

Enjoy xx


Donna B. said...

Love all those Christmas ideas and the one at the bottom with the stars is my favorite!!

Arts by Sara said...

Wow... Awesome pages and wonderful news! I would love to be at one of your workshops; however I live in the states. But maybe you will plan to have an online class, that would be grand! I will be the first to sign up! Anyways, now I have rambled! LOVE your work and can't wait to meet you in person someday! Love Always!

pixiedust61 said...

Love the videos of the journal page start to finish. Made me feel I was right back at the Queen's Ink taking class with you. Such fun Christmas pages. They make me feel happy!

Kaz said...

gotta love Fanny craddock!! Cannot wait for that video!! Love love love the pages mwah xxx

Monica said...

laughing over some of your tags and think it time todive into some spirit.

Michelle Webb said...

I wish I could be there, work,! Darn it! Great news about Ben & Katie, you must be so happy. Michelle xx

My Studio Voice said...

It is always so enjoyable watching you work and listening to you. I come away feeling like I can do this too. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

texasbarb said...

Love everything about this post! So much much fun!

Congratulations to Katie and Ben!

Ann said...

You are the BEST, Dyan! Thanks so much for the wonderful video tutorials showing start to finish!! And for all the fun, creative one-of-a-kind inspiration!! I'm so delighted Ranger has snagged you for their top shelf team ; )!! Best wishes to Katie and Ben! And a Happy Holiday to all of you!

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