Wednesday, August 1, 2012

workshops in Boston and Long Island

After the excitement of CHA I decided to travel incognito...

I think it

So then it was onto Boston Massacheutuss, to teach at the fabulous dark horse that is Kate.

This is her store the magnificent Absolutely Everything. And it stocks just about Absolutely everything, let me tell you!!

He he we were shoving around here trying to get in front...I won...

I seem to have misplaced a lot of the photos from this visit, so will post them when they emerge from wherever I have inadvertently stored them !!

In the meantime a mahoosive thank you to Kate for her hospitality and a big thank you to all her staff and wonderful customers.

I then flew back to New Jersey to spend a few days at Ranger Headquarters, finalising top secret stuff for the not too distant future..!!

Here |I am working extremeley hard whilst Tim lazes around in Laguna!!  The joys of Skype, eh !!

It was also a pleasure to celebrate my lovely friend, the gorgeous Mario's birthday by leaving a singing message on his voicemail. How wonderful to wake up to the dulcit tones of moi, first thing on a morning..Mind you my voice has been relied on to clear a bar in 60 seconds so maybe not, lol.

Much hilarity is made of my hair and how most people don't see it in it's wild state, so Terry decided to photograph me putting in my Victory roll.

First I deal with the rest of my hair leaving a section for the fringe. I then use whatever I have handy. Today it was a bottle of Lancome toner.

Twist the ends of the hair around the bottle

and start to roll towards the head.

keep rolling...

until you reach the head and carefully slide the bottle out.

Start securing with bobby pins on one side of the roll...

and repeat on the other...

Then voila.... Ooooops no final picture, but you get the idea.

We also happened to stumble into a Sephora store...Oh my... 3 hrs later, after leaving a kidney as payment we were dragged kicking and screaming from the store by security, he he

But not before I scored pressies for everyone back home and a few "essential" bits and bobs for me.

One of which was the most fabulous eyeliners I have evr owned. It is my eternal quest to find the perfect eyeliner. It has to be wide enought to draw, but fine enough to offer the perfect cats eye flicks. Permanent enough to last all day but quick drying to avoid smudges.
I had given up hope, but lo and behold the beauty angels in Sephora were smiling down on me and I struck gold.

Kat Von D's tattoo liners in jet black.

I chose the pack of 3 sizes for different looks, but it also worked out to be better value.

I then came across this on face book.

Ooh I could have a different look every day, lol

But the fun still wasn't over, it was on to Long Island to teach at Scrappers playground. Terry came with me for the weekend to be my lovely assistant Fifi..!!

Some of the fabulous students.

He he they had me on a big screen...

The lovely Michael travelled from Brazil to spend another day with me.

Here is the lovely Sue, owner of the store, with her Mum, the fabulous Dee Mama, taking part in the proceedings.

A big thankyou to them, Terry for accompanying me and to the fabulous students.

I am now on my way home. I have flown back across the pond and landed on British soil, but I am holed up in a trendy Manchester boutique hotel, with the Mr Babe of Deliciousness, watching back to back Olympics.
Big congratulations to the gold medal winners. The girls, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, rowed like there was no tomorrow and Bradley Wiggins side burns deserved a medal of their own.


Monica said...

Sounds like a great tour and I do wish you would come to San Antonio TX. We have forgotten what rain or cold is like!

anna christensen crafts said...

Who is this complete stranger posting on your blog? Oh, tis you after all!... incognito heh! Clever! Love this post... racking up those air miles! xx

Kaz said...

Whooohooo!! You are home faberoonie! You get the gold medal for victory rolls!! Looking fabulous as always! Great to have you home hope your tootsies are feeling better! I'm well jel......that eyeliner!!! Omg!! Love xxx
Big snogs

Kaz x

Sheilagh said...

I am green with envy, I have been to "Absolutely Everything" twice and just love the store. It must have been "Absolutely Amazing" with both you and Kate in the same room!!!



Sheilagh said...

I am GREEN with envy, to have both you and Kate in the same room must have been "Absolutley Amazing". I have been to "Absolutley Everything" twice when on holiday in New England and I love her shop and she is a wonderfully generous lady. She gave me for mini workshops on my first visit, all because I asked a question about something I saw in her workshop.

Two wonderful women, oh to have been there.

Bernice Hopper said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. Welcome home.

Sue said...

Sounds like a great trip. We were cheering for the American girls to at least place in rowing, but alas, it was not to be. Congrats to the UK girls. They deserved the Gold!

thekathrynwheel said...

Welcome home! Seems like you have been gone for aaaages! Love seeing the pics of your escapades :-)

catherine said...

Great to see you had a fab time away Dyan lots of hard work though as always.. Pics look great. Had a fab workshop today with sandra-loved it. see you soon
x catherine

Debbie said...

Wow. Welcome back Dy.
Love your photo's, we can always tell what a great time you are having from looking at them. They remind me (In a good way) of an old Charlie Chaplin (One of my Hero's, and Bruce Lee of course!) film, where you don't need words!!
Love your B&W dress, is it one of your own makes. Gorgeous.
Take care and see you in August.

susiesu said...

Welcome home - glad you are home safe and having some time with Mr BoD. The pics are great and am loving the eyeliner and examples. Can't wait till mid-August when we can get our inky-mitts on your stamps and stencils! lol Susiesu xxx

Pat Crossland said...

Welcome Back Dy....have been following your escapades on Facebook with interest....Pat

Sandra Hall said...

Yahdihoody, you're back! Missed you loads and although pictures of you up to your antics and arting with new folks put a smile on my face, its no substitute for the real thing :D x x

Craftychris said...

What fab photo's - you always look like you are having a brilliant time. Love the hair rolling, you do always look very cool. welcome back and enjoy watching the Olympics and hopefully, have a bit of a rest! xx

Michele said...

Come back to NY, Dyan! We miss you already :). What a wonderful time we all had at Scrappers Playground. You kept us very busy with either inky goodness or side-splitting laughter. You are a real gem. C'mon back to NY anytime! Michele

Eyeleeeen said...

Thanks for making the NYC girls famous, LOL. We had a blast and will happily take classes with you whenever you find yourself on our side of the pond.

Marjie Kemper said...

Oh I do love the technical hair roll tutorial... you are so flipping clever! Sorry I couldn't catch your East Coast classes this time... hope to see you again soon!

texasbarb said...

So glad you're back on the blog!! I've missed you!!

I almost didn't recognize you...your disguise is so good...LOL!!!

Loved the lesson on the victory roll...I'd have to grow my hair for at least a year to be able to copy...guess I'll leave that one for you...LOL!!!

penny4thoughts said...

Hi Dyan- I had SO MUCH fun in your Absolutely Everything classes and have been painting and inking up journal pages like mad ;-) I embellished up my treasured autograph of yours in my altered book - you can see it here:

Thanks for all the inspiration and hope you visit New England again!

Miranda said...

cool photo's didn't recognize the block in the first photo...LOl but it looks like you were having lots of fun, and I really luv your hair

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Dyan,

Thanks SO much for the awesome workshops you taught at Absolutely Everything.

You are such a fun lady and made the classes even more special. Not only did we learn all kinds of wonderful new techniques, hints and fun tips -(Bumm Oven) etc...we also had lots of laughs!
I will look forward to taking more workshops the next time you come back to AE !! It was a PLEASURE!!


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