Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Queens Jubilee...

Unfortunately despite all my good intentions I didn't get to see any of the celebrations today. I have had my nose to the grindstone from morning until dusk !!

Had a lovely surprise yesterday though when the lovely Ruth popped into the studio to show me her Union Jack dress I had inspired her to make. Doesn't she look fab in it. I am soooo proud of her.

She was going off to a school do and had matching shoes and pinny. Good on you Ruth.

Unfortunately my Jubilee dress isn't even cut out, lol.. Maybe tomorrow..

I did however stop all my work at about 11pm to make a Jubilee canvas.

Enjoy xx


Miranda said...

wow they are fantastic Dyan, and so much fun
love the frogs popping out behind the toadstools

Kaz said...

What corker! Love the canvas fabulous! The dress Ruth made looks fab too xx

Kaz x

Helen said...

Gorgeous!! Hope you get to enjoy some of the festivities.

Marit said...

The British queen would look awesome when she had a dress (and stockings!) like that!

Henny said...

Really great art! I love the colors.
hihi..Would the queen know how much her influence is on us, cardmakers and other crafters?
Have a nice day,

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

The Jubilee canvas is a party on a page . What wonderful colors and imagery.

susiesu said...

Love the Jubilee canvas Dyan especially the frogs hiding behind the toadstools! Hope you have had some relaxation time today lol Susiesu xxx

texasbarb said...

Love the Jubilee canvas!! I'm sure Her Majesty would love to hang it in the Palace!! If she doesn' can send it to me...LOL!!!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Fantastic your colors and that banner is classic!!!

Dorene said...

You are so fun, and full of life! What an inspiration. I wish we could have you teach where my studio is at Is there a calendar somewhere of upcoming workshops? I am getting ready to order the inks and a few stencils. Would be awesome to learn about them from the designer.

Keep Smiling,

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