Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So where have I been....

you might well ask...!!!

I've been a busy little bee. No change there then, lol.

I have been moving home.

well not actually moving home, more moving in the home..!!

Confused..? lol.

I have moved to the upstairs part of my home, like a granny flat I suppose. I have 3 big bedrooms, one is mine, one is the most beautiful grand daughter in the whole worlds and the other was going to be my home studio. But instead I have made this bedroom into my sitting room. I know it sounds odd but I am loving it, even though it nearly killed me and Mr Babe of Deliciousness getting all the furniture upstairs.!!

It still needs a lot of work, wall paper samples are ordered, paint chips are being sourced, and I am haunting ebay for vintage curtains., but heres a sneak peak of it so far.

So what am I doing with the downstairs..??

I have a large through dining/living room, which is now going to be transformed into my studio. Yee hah woop de frikkin woop. Why didn't I think of it before. Acres and acres of space for me to fill. I can have my sewing area with large cutting table and my machines, my large old pine table for my working and designing. Wall upon wall of shelves and cubes to stash all the arty goodness, and yard upon yard of plate rack for display purposes. For the days I am not teaching, I can just fall out of bed and be creative. I can get my stuff out and leave it out. I can twirl and skip from arty station to sewing station. And the rest of my house will be the peaceful haven I hanker for.

But these things take time and deciding what to leave at the teaching studio and what to bring here is frikkin hard work. My teaching studio is full of many personal items and memories. But it is no longer just mine. Because I am out of the country so much, we have other tutors teaching, there are long periods where I  am not there. I have always been very Territorial about my studio very protective of the place where I spent most of my awake hours and I am amazed at the ease I have managed to let other people in. it helps, of course, that the other tutors are fabby people who I trust totally and feel comfortable to know they are there. But I still need a "me" space, a space filled with inspiration, hopes and dreams,a space to twirl, a space to create a space that will nurture me for the next part of my journey.

At the moment it is quite bare, as well as suffering with an ear infection, where the anti biotics have knocked me for six, I have taught a mixed media weekend, planned my portion of the Ranger U Itinerary, made all the final workshop plans for the USA ( more details below), sat in for two days while BT faffed and fannied around with my phone and broadband connection, spent my entire months budget on a cowhide rug.!!! oops..|!! So not a lot of progress has been made. BUT I have transported home the shrine of naffness and given it a new, possibly temporary home on the material chest. Have naff shrine will travel, so to speak.

They are also joined by this surprise arrival from the gorgeous Sandy Poppins and her equally gorgeous hubby Andy, The Northern Soul dancing vicar.!!

How beautiful is she..? But the best thing is, she isn't just an ordinary statue of Our Lady, shes over 3ft worth of statue of Our Lady.!! Oh yes they know how to treat a girl do them two. And I frikkin love her, just haven't decided where her pride of place is going to be yet. She will definitely be staying in the studio, to inspire me.

I had a visit today from not only the lovely BT engineer, who braved the telegraph pole in extremely wet and windy conditions, but also the gorgeous Sexy Susie. She is a doll and we had a good old natter exchanging Christmas gifts ( hey everyday is Christmas at Reaveley Towers, or should that now be Reaveley Penthouse.??

She confessed that she hadn't done anything in her journal for months and couldn't seem to muster up the nettle to get back into it. Step forward Sergeant Major Reaveley and before you know it, she was painting and inking like a good un. Well she didn't have a lot of choice really, lol

Our Ben was desperate for hearts and twine for the Mail Order so we took a little trip to the wholesalers, where we got totally distracted by some fabulous Queen Elizabeth bunting, and tea towels.!! Well it would have been rude of me to have left it wouldn't it. I am thinking of wrapping some around Heddy the mannequin, until the Diamond Jubilee is over, but at the moment she is sporting a lovely little apron and leopardskin coat combo and I a little worried it may clash. !! maybe I will wait till it gets a bit warmer and she sheds some layers. And yes Kaz Hall, \I have got some tucked away for you.!!

This is what I have been working on today, finishing off the workshop projects for the US.

If you fancy taking a workshop with me and getting inky painty messy, I will be in New Jersey and Texas next month, whilst I am teaching at Ranger U.

I will be at The Scrappers Cove New Jersey on the 3rd May

The Crafty Scrapper, Texas on the 10th/11th May

and The Stamp Asylum, Texas on the 12th/13th May.

Sign ups have started and places are filling quickly so don't leave it too late.

I'll leave you with some old journal pages.

Enjoy xx


Donna B. said...

Wow, you have been busy! I know you're going to love your new studio space. I just cleared an area in my 3rd spare room to put a plastic table and box where I can spray away and not mess up anything. I love your workshop samples - wish I could take one. Maybe you'll come back to the US in June or July when school is out and I'm free as a bird!!

Hope you're feeling better and I can't wait for more pics!

Martha Richardson said...

Isn't funny how all of a sudden a "genius" moment can have it all a penthouse apt., a gloriuss studio, order and at the same time allow others to invade you personal space at the shop...I bet you could not have done this a year ago...but when the time is right...aha!!! Lightbulb flickers on ;)

Marjolein said...

You must be so happy with all the changes in your home!!! Good for you!
How you managed to do all the workshop preps beats me but they look AMAZING!!

Angela Weimer said...

Dyan, Such a busy beaver you are but who would expect anything else. The room looks great and the idea of a large studio at home is fab. I would love to have my own sitting room. Looking forward to the classes in NJ(scrappers cove) got my place already. Belle is sad she will miss it and you when you are here. Great journal pages too. One year ago today you gave me the courage to finally face things in my life and move forward out of a slump that took 5 years from me. Thank you for that motivation and inspiration to journal about and face my greif. Hugs and missing jolly old England and beautiful north Yorkshire. Angela

Helen said...

Your move within your home sounds fabulous and I hope you get it just the way you want it soon! Lucky you, is all I can say, looking round at my very full and untidy living room-come-crafting room... Love the journal pages,I made a right old mess in mine last night and need a kick to put it right! This will help.

mamakat said...

What a LURVLY idea! I have been thinking about kicking the old man out and making my master sweet over into my creative haven. OK maybe he can stay...

thekathrynwheel said...

Your new 'studio' looks fab but I will miss that little shrine! Your 'front room' looks cosy and the rug is just so cowboy YEEHAAAW! Hey, I think I recognise one or two of those cushions ;-)
Yeah, the tutors always look after the place while you're not there ... we all behave ourselves apart from the odd bit of belly dancing LOL!

Jacquie Parry said...

Loving your new sitting room, I have just moved into my own Studio. My lovely husband coveredt a fabulously light bedroom for me and I love it! "Me" space as you said.
Hop you are feeling beter soon I had the same think and I'm starting to feel better now
Lots of Love
Jacquie x

Jan said...

WONDER WOMAN is all I can say!!

Debbie said...

Blimey Dy You busy bee!!
It will be great having the studio on the ground floor.
When I did my soft furnishings from home I had a room with my big cutting table and machines out all the time. You need things like that out at hand and not locked away.
Cannot wait to talk to you in June (coming through for the weekend to do two workshops with you , Graphic 45 star book etc)
It will be lovely.
I am hoping to Scrapbook the photo soon of you, Kate and me taken in your shop in March, will let you know and you can take a butchers at it, You look gorgeous on it!!
Speak again soon and good luck in the USA.
Your latest inks, masks and stamps are just gorgeous I love them, thats for bringing us such fab items. A big thank you to the delightful and very calm Ben for all his help, he's a star.

Redanne said...

Well done on the move at home! I like the sound of 'penthouse'. I think you will soon decide what to have at home and what to leave at the 'other' studio. Wow, love your workshop prep things - all the colours are glorius. I have my flag bunting up in my craft room already!!

Anonymous said...

And how about a west coast (Los Angeles, CA USA) visit missy????

Nancy said...

Oh, what a great idea with your home studio & all!! Hmmm...could I convince my guy of my need to do the same? lol
And your art here ... *sigh* ALL is wonderful!!

Monica said...

well i hear at a later date this year you will be at StampAntonio in San Antonio TX. Can't wait for that. The city is very colorful due to the mixture of cultures. So "Ya'll come by".
What fun are you organizing so we can all participate in the Jubilee?

Sandra Hall said...

Hey the room is coming along nicely - looks different from just a few days ago! Could it be that rug?
I'm liking the twirling idea - you know, twirl from here to there.... kinda suits you as you're never still for very long :D
Safe travels, hope you have fabulous fun teaching over there :D
Love you muchly x x x

texasbarb said...

WOO HOO!!! I'm signed up for 2 classes at The Crafty Scrapper (Thursday) and can not wait to meet the ONE and ONLY DYAN!!! I am ready to get INKY!!!

BTW...I think Reaveley Towers...sounds quirkier than the penthouse...JMHO.

catherine said...

The room is looking great and you were busy the other day in the shop. Hope you have a great trip away and I had a fab time at your shop this week on the workshop.
x catherine


I dont remeber you asking your personal Interior Designer......:) does sound like a good plan though...xxxxxx

susiesu said...

Love the idea of an upstairs living room - much better view. Would love to know how you persuaded Mr Babe of Delciousness to cary out your wishes????? My ex would never have which is probably why he is Mr Ex!!!! love the look of your room and your American samples are stunning as usual. Love the quotes on your journal pages especially "believe in something absurd!" have fun in the USA lol Susiesu xxx

Rosie said...

Now THATS creative thinking! Go you for making your space work for YOU and thinking outside the box. Love your journal pages too - in fact, like your style generally! A woman after my own heart. However, I must claim to actually have the most gorgeous and wonderful grand-daughters. Sorry, but there it is.

Craftychris said...

Your living room looks cool and your studio sounds like it will be fab! I hope your ear infection is all fixed now. Your artwork is stunning! Have a brilliant time the USA xx

Miranda said...

all creations are awesome again Dyan, so inspiring and such a lot of fun to look at

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll be going to Ranger U for a rest!! I love your plans for a home studio - it's a fab idea. And your projects, tags & journal pages are GORGEOUS!!

Heather said...

I just signed up for 4 of your classes in TX! I can't wait to go! I briefly met you at ChA in chicago last year and I know the classes will be a blast.
all the best to you!
Heather Kindt

Kaz said...

Oooo I missed this post!! How very rude of me!! Right first off....WOWOWOWOWOWOW I LOVE your new house! I have a brown paper bag that Im now panting into at that beauty...the cow hide...gorgeous!! And as for the three foot lady...she is just beautiful....Im well jel!!

So glad you have some creative space of your little as my shed is.... its mine and I love it!
Now what i failed to read was the fact a dress may of been made with my name on it?? its not like youve been busy or anything!!LOL!! only kidding love you lots Mrs and Im gagging to see you at Ranger U whooohooo!!

Kaz x x
p.s Mr Kaz is a BT engineer he also likes to pole dance!

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