Sunday, November 20, 2011

News from Art from the Heart Towers...

Well.....29 years ago today I gave birth to this bouncing 10lb 9oz baby boy. Where on earth did the frikkin time go..??? Surely I am not old enough to be his mother.!!!!

29 years gone...just like that..unbelievable really...

Many of you will know Our Ben, he is my shop manager, mail order manager, web designer, newsletter chief, purse string holder, maker of sensible decisions, man of little words, reigner in of my antics and the mainstay of my business. Without him there would be non business, as I would probably be quite happy living up a tree making collages with mud and leaves.!!!

But no he makes me focus, he makes me turn up for work, he makes me behave appropriately (well almost), he makes me make business decisions, he pushes me, he calms me when I am on rapid cycle, he puts up with me when my ADD is bad and most of all he understands me...!!!

He is not only my first born son, but he is my business partner...and for all these things I love him to death. I know you shouldn't love one child more than another, BUT, I can safely say he is my favourite eldest child, lol.
Tom is my favourite youngest boy. Jay my favourite eldest girl and Emmi my favourite youngest child...!!!!

Here is wearing some of his pressies from the lovely Katie. A new hideous Christmas woolly for his growing collection and a rather snazzy personalised apron.

It actually says Master of Sunday roasts and not Taster..!!! lmao

As you can see he is overwhelmed with emotion that I pooped round for a hug..!!!

Other things that have happened this week include the lovely Liz bestowing upon me this gorgeous Royal teapot. What can I say..!!!

Here's some piccies from the technique journal workshop.

Here#'s the lovely Jeanine showing off a finished spread from an earlier class.

On Saturday the lovely Tina travelled all the way from Wiltshire and popped into the shop to see us. Of course we had to have our photo taken didn't we..??

I've taught two lots of journaling classes this week, one Friday and one today, both packed to the rafters which was great to see. I taught the same thing on both days. We were embracing our dark side, by using
only the really dark coloured inks with a ghosting technique over the top.

I then made them practise doodling with a white pen, freehand and through stencils, to make the pages pop. These are all works in progress and will be finished at a later date. Thanks to all who came, we had a ball. Special commendations go to the following.

Friday class....The lovely Chrissie for her totally unintentional double entendres, and thankfully my Mary is not a light up one, but you never know..!!

And Sunday's goes to Paula for her cautionary tale which included miniature pot bellied pigs, hospital appointments, and rear fastening gowns.!!!! I am still giggling away at the thought. xx

You don't pay any extra for the constant stream of entertainment at any of the journaling classes, but unfortunately, due to over excessive demand, Tena ladies are no longer provided and you will need to supply your own..!!!

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! Fancy us sharing a bitrthday! eerrr LOVE the jumper!! Oh and the teapot!! That is just totally gorgeous! Loving the journalling too....wish I could of been there xx

sending love


patcrafts said...

Happy Birthday to Ben, I had to smile at the photo of you and he, so funny.
Thanks for another great day really enjoyed it oh and the journalling too.
Pat xx

susiesu said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! Was his birth natural??????????? Terrific weight! teapot is fab as is the Chrimbo jumper. loving the journaling - note to self - must practise my doodling lol Susiesu xxx

Mo said...

My son is 31 and was just married 2 months ago. He won't smile for pics either. Oddly,before I read your post, I spent today realizing I have to step back and trust his welfare to his wife (who's great)now - that he has a new #1 woman in his life. It's bittersweet to watch them grow up and become adults; on the one hand this is what you've raised them to be but on the other, it's difficult to let go of the little guy who seemed to stand there just yesterday. Ah, those life lessons just never stop, do they.
Happy Birthday to Ben!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! Dyan you and your workshops sound like such fun, wish I lived closer.
Big love

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Ben, glad you had a fab day. The journal pics are amazing as ever.

Sandra Hall said...

I missed Ben's birthday! I shall be calling on Wednesday for belated celebrations... x x x until then Ben!

Fabulous piccies Dy... I see you're getting much use out of that headscarf and the er... dental accessory! hehehe!

Loves ya and misses ya muchly

Marit said...

Happy birthday Ben!

Dyan, I've been wanting to say this before but I can't find your email address - so now I do it in a comment (you may delete this later if you want) There's a typing mistake in the 'members badges' at the side menu of your blog... memEmber instead of member... sorry, I'm a Dutch 'hair-splitter' and I keep on seeing it.. you may want to change it.

cockney blonde said...

Happy Birthday Ben, x

Alison Horne said...

Happy Birthday Ben, Aww isn't he cute!

Nix - Simoom Serengetis said...

Hi hope you don't mind the questions, loving the tree, leaves and the stars. Are these stencils (if so which ones?) and what white journalling pen did you use. My sakura gelly roll isn't cutting the mustard coverage wise and the writing on the tree and star layout really pops!

Really sweet blog about Ben too.

Melva said...

Ben see you're loving the jumper and pinnie. You look so pleased with it. Worshops look a ball. Wish I could be there.
Melva in rainy Spain

Mandy Makes and Mends said...

These photos are fab going to try and get on a course in the next batch .....only just took journaling up and have no idea what I'm doing yet I think some hints tips and guidance is needed .....can't wait x

bonjen3 said...

what a lovely mammy you are! Happy Birthday Ben!

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