Sunday, November 6, 2011

End of a fabulous weekend....

And what a weekend it was. We all had a blast creating the journals and learning the techniques involved. In fact we were so busy having a good time that I forgot to take any photos. Sorry about that...

I have got photos of what we actually did though.

All it needs now is the doodling and the journaling.

Kaz did actually send me this fabby photo of Yvonne and me. Pop over to her blog for her account of the events.

You will also get the story of this next picture and the teeth.!!!!

Not quite sure it's a good look, but I am loving the twisted bandanna..

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Loved the weekend!! It was just the best therapy ever!!

What do you mean your not sure its a good look!! How rude!! LMAO!

I have a spare set with your name on!!

big Huge love


Ycarruthers said...

Lol! What photos! What a fabulous weekend of fun, frolics and flaps. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, laughter and such a tremendous time Dyan! Also thanks to Pam for her culinary triumphs and everyone on the course (and everyone visiting!) for the sharing and laughs.
See you as soon as I can get booked on the next one. With much love, hugs and thanks, from Yvonne XOXOXO

smokeysmom said...

Love the Collage Journal pages Dyan! But then I love everything you create:) Hugs, Maggie

lisa_crofts said...

These look awesome. Please please please consider doing an online journalling class.

Torill said...

just love your work! It looks like you had a great time!!!

Linda M. Cain said...

You guys are a hoot!


Candy C said...

Dyan, I think your work is phenomenal! I have tried to leave comments on your blog but they always come back. So, I'm taking Kaz' advice and trying a different browser. I hope it works because I want you to know how much I admire your work and your blog. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend with Kaz and the girls. Love all the pictures. It's the next best thing to being there! Congratulations on being announced as a Senior Educator for Ranger. That is a much deserved accomplishment for you! I actually WON the set of stamps that Kaz gave away yesterday! I can't wait to get them. I've also ordered several of your sets and I'm still waiting on them to arrive through Ranger and Simon Says. Again, congratulations on your success! Your art is FUN and fabulous! <3 Candy

Dawn said...

Hi Dyan, love the blog, seriously cheers me up after a long hard day. Just been trawling e-bay and someone selling a job lot of 1950's womens mags that have been found in an attic, made me think of you lol. Item no is 330637021568 in case you fancied a peek. Congrats also on your Ranger news, well deserved.
All the best, Dawn (in Cornwall)

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