Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You couldn't make it up.....

After 6 days of not being able to publish photos on my blog, and cursing the arrival of Cloud Picker, I finally admitted defeat and got the fabulous Kirsty to see if she could fathom it out for me. Lo and frikkin behold, there is neither sight nor sound of the dreaded Cloud Picker and everything is uploading beautifully. WTF.!!!

So nearly a week late here s an update of all the news.....including photos...Yayy...l!!!

Here's a video to make you smile. I still don't have a clue as to what I actually said that was so funny, but it cracks me up every time I watch it.

Here's the last few pics from Dina's visit. This is the naughty table.!!

In the restaurant

And proudly showing off her Cath Kidston goodies whilst posing outside the world famous Betty's tea rooms. We were very posh that day.

Dina should now be on her travels overseas to teach in Madrid and I just know her students will have a ball with her. She is a very talented artist and tutor, with a knack of putting her students totally at ease and drawing out the best from them.
Due to a misunderstanding she ended up staying at mine for an extra four days and fitted in perfectly. Apart from singing "Think of Me" (Phantom of the Opera) at every available moment in time, eating Tom's stash, trashing the towels and encouraging gorgeous babe to venture outside looking like this.!!!!

Well the less said about that the better, methinks.

She will be back n October for those who missed her this time round, and I am stocking up on Curly Wurly's as we speak..!!!

Something I have been meaning to do for a long time is thank all you gorgeous gorgeous peeps who send me such lovely gifts. I am always slightly overwhelmed at your thoughtfulness and the fact you have taken the time. I am, however, extremely and unforgivably horrendous at getting back to people, and really don't deserve such an honour. However I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart and if I appear unthoughtful please accept my ut most apologies.

Here's a run down of some of the latest treasures.

Many of you know that I have an obsession with Our Lady, and at the moment am on a mission to collect the naffest and kitchest images I can. The following two have surpassed themselves.

The first is from the lovely Helen. Unfortunately to appreciate the true naffness of this you need to see it in true life, in all its glory. It is actually a hologram. The angels all appear to be standing all around Our Lady. You can't look at it too long for fear of becoming violently nauseous but it is a welcome addition all the same.

The second is from a fellow naff icon collector. Yes there are more of us. The lovely Liz in Ireland is a seasoned collector who has been at it for years.!! lol. She started me off many moons ago with an implement that left an Our Lady image on my toast...I kid you not.

This time she has spent hours of her precious time making me a personal shrine, a homage to loveliness.

Note the extremely naff touch of tinsel.

It is hard to appreciate the actual stunning artwork when your eyes are drawn to purple fabric flowers. Unfortunately there isn't a peel off in sight, otherwise it would have shot straight to the top of my ratings.!!! Liz, what else can I say but, thank you, from the bottom of my heart... xxx

And adding to my fabulous kitch cowboy collection is this little beauty from the gorgeous Sue. You may be rubbish in my classes babe but you have great taste in literature.!!! lmao.

The lovely Clare presented me with some additions to my Enid Blyton collection. (For someone who is downsizing and getting rid of all surplus provisions, I seem to have a lot of collections going on.!!!).
Amelia Jane was always one of my faves, cos she was ever so slightly naughty.. Plus she was also friends with the Golliwog, who although these days is deemed as thoroughly un  PC..I adored to bits.

The lovely Maggie thickened my waistband with some of my favourite Thorntons.

And Dina added to my ever expanding Art Journal collection (42 and counting) with two Fabulous ones from my fave Orla Kiely.

And also some choccies made from her home town in Arizona. Now I don't mean to be ungrateful or anything...but next time can I have one of those lollipops with a dead scorpion in please.....pretty pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase....???

And now on to one of the most fantastic teaching experiences I have had. Last week I taught a group of 9/10 yr old girls. They were all from Millfield Junior School in Leeds, West Yorks. They attend a Friday craft club held by one of my ladies, the lovely Lyn Leahy and she broached me with the idea of them attending as they had heard all about me. They are also mahoosive fans of the Lord himself..Mr Tim Holtz...but hes a bit busy so they had to make do with me.!!! lol

I was a bit worried how they would cope as I gave them quite a hefty workload for the day, but they were fabulous and accepted everything I threw at them with an enthusiasm you couldn't put a price on.! Eager beavers was not the words, they were like sponges soaking up all the techniques and the information given them, even though by the time we finished it was after 7pm and they had had a really long day. Nothing fazed them...the messier the better in fact.

Unfortunately my computer has eaten one of the finished photos and so half the girls are missing from this post. So sorry about that. If any of the teachers had a copy would you mind forwarding it to me.

I have to say a big thank you to Lyn for organising the day and a massive thank you to the girls...you were absolute stars and all talented artists in your own right. All I need now is to see pics of your Art Journals as they start getting filled up.. Don't forget you promised me...lol.

For some reason this video has appeared again and I can't seem to delete it so here's a another chance to have a giggle.

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Awww Dyan, love your blog and all the lovely things you do! Im after that exact dressing gown for my hubby ....is it designer?? lol!!
Ive a collection of books too....keep giving them homes meant to gettin them to mutilate but cant bring myself to if someone has wrote good wishes to someone....its too painful too! love those clever girls too.....fabulous! Sending big snogs


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Rofl what are you lot doing in that video!

Glad you liked the Enid Blyton books!

Dina weekend was fabulous, cant wait for her return


Rosie said...

Oh what a LOVELY post, you did make me smile with all that stuff, but I particularly liked the naff Virgin Mary ideas. We've been sort of collecting religious tat for years (but have had to keep this habit a dirty lil secret). That shrine was just magnificent!!

Laura said...

heheheheehhe love the vid hun, by the way your hair is looking gorgeous !!!! love it xxxx

the girls look like they had a great day and the art work they created looks amazing xxxx

Unknown said...

ARRGH didn't get to see the vid (it's not working)

No, naff is defo peel off my pet hate. Why are you collecting this stuff?

I thought I was a chatter box you are a waffler of gold star quality and had me smiling all the way through. Aren't kids grate! I love there work so free and easy for them YAY see you soon

love Dawn xx

hapi said...

Hi Dylan, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Marit said...

I haven't been around for quite some time, and had a lot of catching up to do... but you did too I read ;)

LOVE to read it all and look at the pics, I especially love the photo of your beloved doing the laundry!!!

Sue said...

I'm crushed by your comments on my performance in your class!! Maybe I should stick to peel offs - no hang on - I never could get them straight either! Nothing for it - I shall just have to come back for more classes to get better - that will teach you!!

Dina said...

heh heh...next time I will absolutely bring you a scorpion lolly. ;)

Dyan, you are awesome. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! Mwah. Love ya.

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