Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tour of the shop...Part one...

Many of you have never seen inside our studio shop, so I am going to spend a few days giving you the grand tour.

this table is just inside the doors and holds our collection of trunks and cases.


Then we have the "bits n bobs" shelves

holding my favourites...Moleskine Journals

Luscious fat quarters

And the infamous pick n mix shelves

The view as you walk in the shop

And then we are going to go down the first wall

Stampers Anonymous...Tim Holtz


Art Parts

Claudine Helmuth

Dyan's downloads


Wendy Vecchi

Essentials from Ranger

Phew that's the first wall done

Enjoy xx


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Ooh wish I lived closer. I would like to order a set each of those fat quarters on the first material picture. They are not on line. What do I ask for if I call the shop. Fabulous tour, Tracy Evans x. Email

Angela Weimer said...

Dyan, It was great chatting with you the other day. The shop looks great. Saw some stuff on the your that I missed while in. I will have to begin a list. Have a great weekend. Angela

Bernice Hopper said...

I've never looked at the pick n mix. I shall make sure I do in May. Really looking forward to it.

Diana said...

WOW.. i simply can not imagine even entering such a beautiful store!!
i so badly want to visit someday!

Lynlee said...

OMG-Sorry I live so far away! My heart went pitter-patter with every picture! Thank you :)

Mo said...

Wow, Dyan. Only one word for your shop - scrumpcious! I could spnd weeks there. Not to panic - live in Seattle. How far timewise are you from London? Have to visit my Aunt in Amsterdam in the next 6 months and if I flew over London with a 1-night stop it would be so fun to see all this live. Meanwhile, totally enjoying the tour. Thanks. (Am eagerly awaitng my order of your acrylics.)

Luna Art said...

OOH! I want to go there and look around in person and touch things! I want to sit in the comfy chair and chose things from the pick and mix bit! Thanks for the tour x

Kate said...

Your shop looks jaw droppingly amazing and I just wouldn't know where to start my shopping, I'd want it all!!!

** Kate **

Sandra Hall said...

Awwww, you've made me feel nostalgic...I wanna come 'home'! x

Miss Marple said...

Oh...why can't your shop be just around MY corner? Well, maybe it is better, because we would have a second morgage by now!
I loved this tour, thank you! - Irma

Unknown said...

Wow Dylan...I love your shop!! maybe one day i will pay you a visit.....I would love to go to work each day if i worked in such an interesting enviroment!!

Joy said...

I'd like to spend a weekend camping in there! Amazing!
Joy xx

Laura said...

hey hun i have seen your gorgeous shop with my own two eyes and yes i still want to move in, im sure i can sleep on the sofa xxxx

amy said...

Boy o boy I wish you were in the States...really really close to me :)

Kat said...

I am loving your tour,
but it makes me sad because
I feel i'm missing out on such a fab shop, not to mention such cool classes & workshops,
if I lived closer I would definately be an AFTH stalker (lol)
have a grate day,

salamanda said...

The shop looks wonderful and somewhere I could spend many comfortable hours.

Caroline said...

wow! I wished I loved closer you have such a fab selection of goodies! But on the other hand, I'm glad I dont live near you as 1) I would never be out of your shop, and 2) I'd be broke within a few days becasue I would have to buy at least 1 of EVERYTHING! :)

purplecat said...

Wow it looks amazing, wish I could visit!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

That's not a shop, it's a treasure house!!! If you ever consider opening a branch of AFTH PLEASE come down to the South-East!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow :o
amazing, gonna have to plan a trip
up north one day

ps did you really want another bag, as my local has loads still

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