Friday, March 4, 2011

Where in the world is Tim..???

Important news for those attending Kates mini journaling class this Sunday, you WILL need to bring a mini journal with you. If you don't possess one we have plenty for sale in the shop.

And heres the last of the Tim tickets, thought there was two but I was sadly mistaken. This goes to .....

Lulabelle said...

You are my inspiration!

I look at your blog everyday, sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes laugh out loud and sometimes bawl my eyes out, but I always feel better after I have visited!

Love all your 'stuff'! Someday I will have it all!!!!

Congratulations Lulabelle you get Beetle Crusher Tim.....

Now that all the tickets are out in the big bad world, I thought we might have a bit of fun with Tim. So I am launching a "Where in the world is Tim".?

I want you to take photos of yourselves in unusual places clutching your Tim tickets. The wierder the better. Send them in to me, and the most unusual and the funniest will win something special. C'mon get your imaginations going and get snapping.

Wanted to say thankyou to the lovely Ali who treated me to this little beauty..

For those who don't know, I collect old books, especially children's books and especially Enid Blyton's childrenn's books..!!!

Did you spot my much coveted copy of The Three Golliwogs..???? Be still my beating heart....

Heres a few more of my favourite "grown up" books...

And my collection is mahoosive now, lol.

I'm going to leave you with this video, filmed at CHA. It contains the one an only Tim Holtz, with everything you ever wanted to know about the new Distress Stains from Ranger. Pay attention now..!!!!

Scrap Time - Ep. 600 - Tim Holtz shows Ranger Distress Stains and a Contest from Mark Giles on Vimeo.



Caroline Hallett said...

thanks for this - the link to the video is cool - and another new blog to follow. I also collect childrens books- I love the images, and the politically incorrect stories - its a bygone age. Thanks for sharing x

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Thank you for the video:))) and as for Enid Blyton, I have a full set of the Famous Five, and do you do Milly Molly Mandy too? lol
Great set of books :)))

Sue said...

OOOHHHH I spotted a copy of Alice in there......did you know I like Alice??? LOL

Sharne Gregory said...

I wish I lived close by to come on Kates workshop. Enid Blyton was my favourite author as a child. Her books didnt do me any harm. I shall be coming back o watch the video link later tonight, as off to a meeting now.

Debo said...

Love the old books - I'm trying to find an old Ladybird alphabet book - the new one is nowhere near as lovely!

And thank you for the video link - or do I mean that? I now want ALL of the distress stains!!! I knew I would once I'd seen a demo - I should have been strong and not watched it, but it's too late now, the damage is done, and now I know I NEED them!

Karen said...

Ahhhhh a girl after my own heart!!! I love old books & still have my treasured childhood collections of Enid Blyton....Noddy & The Famous Five and I am lucky to have the very un-PC Golliwog books! Happy collecting my lovely xxx

Angela Weimer said...

Wow what a lovely book collection. I love old books. I still love browsing the old bookshops. thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend. Angela

Hels Sheridan said...

awww you have my favest Enid book - The Faraway Tree... my other fave was Mr PinkWhistle, I have both still from when I was a kid... you have a gorgeous collection there hun x

Kaz said...

Hi Dyan
Thanks for the video I admit I have played it several times!! Love looking at your book collection, there is something about old childrens books, who owned them,read them, treasured them.....I have asoft spot for beatrice potter books love her illustrations too. Thanks

Anne Essex said...

Hi Dyan, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Please could you let me know what I need to bring for the altered book weekend.
Thanks Anne

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the awesome video of The Tim! Love to see your collection!!!

Chris said...

Oh I love Enid Blyton books too...they were my favourite when I was growing up. Pure magic...I used to lie under the covers with a torch in bed so I could keep reading without my parents finding
Chris xx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Dyan, thank you so much again for the Tim Ticket. It arrived today & I love it. Hope you're ok & having a good week so far.

Rhayne said...

Woot! That's exactly the video I was hoping for :o) Need to get some distress stains!

Lulabelle said...

Oh thank you, thank you so much!
I am very excited to have won your amazing tag!!!!
Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply (no internet for a week), But I have now sent you an e mail Dyan. Hope I am not too late?!!!
I love Enid Blyton too!

Thans for the video!

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