Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part 3....the end is nigh..!!

And we are into the final furlong, the last installment of My Studio tour.

Heres Tallulah' in her bri-nylon basque...

 One of the many canvas's

Tags on display

Early for Christmas..???

Oldies but goodies, lots of memories

Drawers bursting with supplies

Some of my well used books

The "Vintage book" shelves

A treasure chest from Egypt

filled with treasure, of course...

Well used old books...

Pink pinnies

Jay made this for me over 10 yrs it.

Boxes of Grunge board

Baskets of tags

oodles of embellishments


Sewing paraphanelia

Vintage fabric

Yes I do buy it by the gallon...

My alternative means of transport...!!

Christmas projects waiting for me to do instructions for kits.

Stacks of stencils

A myriad of magazine cuttings

Cotton bag in my fave retro cowboy print.

Filled with Northern Soul cd's

The essentials, champagne, chocolate and nail polish

Salt dough turtles, nearly 10 yrs old

More knick knacks collecting dust, including my beloved, broken, Northern Soul mug...

Baskets of buttons

Tons of tags

gypsy journals

can never have too many...

Remember old button nose,  Ms Wiseman..?? She now sports an Egyptian hat and 2 prs of dealy boppers

More buttons and another machine

Workshop kits, already packed.

 Always have my Northern on.

Don't go anywhere without my pens.

Stacks of altered books in various stages of completion...

These were a present when I first started teaching 13 yrs ago...big wooden paintbrushes...and have travelled with me every step of the way.

Oooops camera back to front...

Ah well, might as well take a more professional one

Or maybe not...!!

Hope you've enjoyed seeing where I create, think I might whizz round the shop

Enjoy xx


Chris said...

Well I loved the tour although I almost licked the screen when I saw the CHOCOLATE. Even with the wrapper on it looks divine (can you tell I'm on a
Would love to see a tour of the shop :D
Chris xx

Unknown said...

You have a fabulous studio--so much great stuff! What a great place to hang out.

Artyjen said...

Tell you what....I don't envy having to do a stock take on that little lot! LOL Thanks for the tour
xoxo Sioux

Helen said...

What a great tour - thank you! Hope you do show the shop next, as you're at the other end of the country it's likely to be the only way I'll see it, sadly.

Mo said...

Are you kidding. Sorry that the tour is over. Please do the shop. Next best thing to being there in person. Thanks a ton.

Miss Marple said...

It is soooo cool to see what you have in you studio. It's creative heaven!

fatmonica said...

What a fabulous space!I'm soo jealous!

Luna Art said...

What an amazing place to be creative in! So much inspiration all around. I have enjoyed your tour and would love to see the shop as well.I so want to come and take a class but I live so far away :(

Lulabelle said...

What an amazing studio! Such a lot of scrumptious things!
I too would love to see your shop!

donnalouiserodgers said...

yep - bed knobs and broom sticks, as I thought, you saved the best till last,

great fun doing the tour,



Angela Weimer said...

Thank you for the lovely tour. All that fab stuff and wonderful keepsakes. Looking forward to your mini workshop on Sunday. Angela

olive said...

there never seems to be any chocolate when I come to visit!!!!!!!! for some reason I'm loving the tags...... it is a great, wonderful, inspiring, heaven and haven for us creative souls... thanks Dy. Good success at the show. hugs xxx

Unknown said...

I have loved this tour of your workshop ... makes a girl wanna rummage thru' ya bits!
Have a good show X

Sherry said...

Bravo, bravo!

Encore, encore!!!

Diana said...

i love the 'alternative mode of transportation'... had me laughing at my desk instead of working.oh wait i am still not working!!!
thanks for sharing your studio with us!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

brill, cant wait for my order to arrive I wanna play, have fun at the show x

salamanda said...

Wow, so much stuff and so many inspiring little vignettes

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

I've just been drooling over all the supplies you have in there .... Lock me away in that studio for a week or so, I would have a ball ! ;-) Love the tour !

Hels Sheridan said...

oooh.... shiney and sparkley, my fingers need to delve into the button basket for sure... one day.. I will get my butt up to see you :O))

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thanks so much for the awesome "tour by photos", so fab to see everything & I LOVE the heart canvas. Hope you're having a great time at the show.

Kaz said...

Thanks,love, love the tours!! Its like a crafty/arty through the Keyhole, without Lloyd grossman of course. Do you have bunk beds there?? it would be my sort of guest house x


Olive said...

I have the Creating works of Art pencil case too!

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