Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time is Tight

Up at 3.30 am for the Doncaster show!!! I am getting too old for this lark. Am sat in bed , Baileys in one hand, Rowntrees Pick and Mix in the other LOL. Yes I know sugar and me just don't mix but I,m tired and cant be bothered to argue with my body.s strange cravings. Easier to give in and pay for it later ( and pay for it I will let me assure you!!!). I will talk more about the show tomorrow but I just wanted to comment on the response to my tag tutorial. I am soooooo pleased that you all loved it, the response has been overwhelming and has shown me that there is a obviously a need for it.. But what worries me is that many of you love it but still say you would be frightened to try it yourself. I say just go for it!! What is the worst that can happen??? If you don't like it you can always stick something over the top of it lol. Many of you think that I spend hours planning my workshops and tutorials. That couldn't be further from the truth. Although there is a lot of hard work in the preparation, there is usually no planning at all of the outcome. The end result is usually as big a surprise to me as it is to you. I just go with the flow and if I don't like it I just start again. Don't consider it wasted time think of it as an enjoyable creative experience.. The reason I know how to do most things or how to put most things right is the fact that I have done everything wrong (many times lol). I am mainly self taught and if I may say so , taught very badly,lol.
Now I realise that many of you will be going "ah well its easy for you to say" and yes I agree, but all I am saying is cut yourselves some slack. Some where along the line we seem to have forgotten that what we are doing is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and not some form of torture.. I would far rather spend the whole afternoon enjoying myself and making a mess, than producing something almost perfect but with stress levels going through the roof!!!
Don't worry if you haven got the material I used, improvise, do what you can and above all ENJOY!!!! And if something does go wrong, well you never know you may have "created" a new technique!!
If you still are worried about giving it a go there is only one remedy. Get yourselves down to my studio and booked on a workshop. I teach all levels, often at the same time and have an" ology" in making you believe in yourself. Everything I do is easy , you just need to be shown how. The shimmer and shine class has just been, but appears in every brochure as it is soooooo popular. If you cant wait until then 3 of the card classes contain shimmer n shine background techniques.

Wed 3rd Dec Shimmer Christmas cards
Sat 13th Dec Shimmer cards with crafty individuals
Mon 15th Dec Deck of cards

You can book online or ring us at the studio 01423 873739.

Until then please keep leaving your comments. One will be picked from the hat tomorrow afternoon and a pile of goodies will soon be winging their way to you shortly. Please note the pile of goodies at the beginning of the tutorial is not the actual prize but the materials list!!!lol, but rest assured the prizes are always good.

Just wanted to say a big shout out to my lovely mate Sandra, an old Northern Soulie. She went to America this year and visited the Stax museum and brought me an album back. I am writing this whilst listening to it and It always make me think of her. My fave is Time is Tight by Booker T and the MGs, and is also an apt title for today's post lol.


Mell said...

Hey Dyan

It woz great seeing u at the dome today. I am going to spend tomorrow play with all the goodies i got today. If u ever do the dome show again and need help seting up u know were i am.

Bobs said...

I think it's precisely BECAUSE you make it look and sound so easy that makes me fill up with awe at your talent!

As I keep saying, if I loved closer, I'd never be away from your workshops!

Hoep you're not suffering too much today.


thekathrynwheel said...

I couldn't agree more! There is no better way to spend an afternoon than 'messing about'! I recently threw a background for an ATC in the bin only to retrieve it the next morning and continue working on it LOL! It gained some interesting scratches in the paint in the process but it only added to the charm! Can't wait for the Art Journal class....that seems like a great way to 'mess about'! Kate

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