Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finishing off!

Wow so you all love the Distress stickles as well. I dont think I have seen a product move so fast for ages!! Not many left at all. Still havent been able to purloin any myself but there is still time lol.

Gorgeous gorgeous class today. The princess coach album. We had a lovely day spraying and glitzing. Oh and we had buns again, brought by the lovely Helen. She even brought one for Mr Unbribable with a candle in it for his birthday !!Awww forgot to get a photo of it , if its still there when I get in tomorrow ( doubt it) I,ll do one then.
One of my littlies finished her wooden house today doesn't she look proud?

And my older girls group all finished their advent boxes. They've worked really hard and the results are stunning I think you,ll agree.

Here's the lovely Pam working on another larger one for the studio. C,mon Pam its December on Monday lol.

Well that's it tonight I am turning in early. I have a really long and busy day tomorrow finishing off all the kits for the Scrap attack weekend. For all of you coming to it there is only "2 more sleeps " left. Speaking of sleep, make sure you catch up on it before you come, cos I don't half work you hard. You have been warned!!!! lol


Kirsty Wiseman said...

not fair, i want to come but Im working.
dont you dare have fun. None of you.

Sue Pinner said...

soooooooo excited cya all tomorrow....just rung to confirm l had a bed for the wkend with BB off to pack just one sleep left now...whey hey x

chocolate lady said...

HI Dyan
one more sleep. Can't wait really forward to the weekend. I'm scanning photographs while I'm typing this.
See you tomorrow.
Jeanne. x

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