Monday, November 24, 2008

The "Distress " has landed

Yayy. Guess what came today. ?? Yes the latest Ranger delivery. Ooh it was a fight between me and Mr Unbribeable as to who could get to the Distress Stickles first. He seemed to be under the strange impression that they were his for the shop and website. Good Grief!! didn't he realise that they are MINE, ALL MINE????? Well I lost and they are safely under his lock and key waiting for you all to order.Well all I can say is that you had better be quick cos I,ll find em if it kills me!!! lol Tried to get them by innocently saying I needed a picture for the blog but he wasn't having any of it. I then tried a different tack by telling him I had baked him a choccie cake for his birthday ( fingers crossed behind back) but he knew I was telling porkies, he,d already seen on yesterdays blog that it was Elaine the Baker. Hmmmm need to come up with something more convincing. Maybe he will let me help Emmi pack some of the orders and I can accidentally lose some????
Did manage to sneak out some of the Tim Holtz masks tho, Jeez I am sooooo addicted to these beauties. Was playing with them on canvas, absolutely fabby. All the styles are restocked apart from the Random alphabet. Also restocked all the Idea-ology hardware as well, so get in quick.
Said I would give a shout out on the blog when Claudines Matte medium was in but cant remember who I was supposed to be telling, so here goes. Whoever asked for it "THE MATTE MEDIUM IS BACK IN" hope that works lol
Popped into the supermarket on the way home and look whats out, YAYY its the dvd of Mamma Mia .

Had to pick up a copy and give it to my mum to give me back for Christmas. Also got a massive bottle of Baileys for £10, yesssss £10. So that's her sorted me out. I know some of you will say that cos I know what I,m getting it will spoil the surprise. But if you knew me well you would realise that by this time next week I will have totally forgotten all about it so that by the time Christmas comes around it will, genuinely, be a surprise. Ooh just spotted that it has on screen lyrics for every musical number. What more could you want. I,ll put it on on Christmas Day when I want them all to go home. My singing voice can clear a room in 60 seconds flat.
Also treated myself to a little pair of tootsie warmers. The Goddess insisted I buy them as she couldn't resist. I,m not quite so sure myself. They are not quite as High, pointy, strappy and glamorous as I have become accustomed to .. And I can only imagine what " He Who must be Obeyed" in America thinks about them. I am sure there will be an official email about dress code for Senior Educators.!! Funny how they all seem to love the higher heels isn't it. Still at £3-50 at least they didn't eat into the expenses budget too much lol

I am writing this whilst listening to the new Killers album "Day and Age". Ooh I do love them. The album was only released today and Mr Unbribeable asked me to pick him up a copy. I felt it was only my motherly duty to import it onto my laptop to ensure that it worked. Wouldn't want to be handing him shabby goods now would I??? Just look at the fabby cover. Makes me all inspired to do a spotty painting. There I go again, what is it with me and spots??

Do you know Kirsty nwould die if she could see the quality of these photos wouldnt she? Still I cant be fabulous at everything, can I ??


Bobs said...

Tim (my hubby) bought me Mama Mia yesterday! Woohoooooo. Haven't had time to watch it yet. Might have to wait until the weekend, when I'm not so tired.

Those tootsie warmers! I picked up a pair in Tesco on Sunday for a look, but I put them back, not sure if I'd like them. I'm a barefoot kinda gal at home. Maybe I'll give them a go though, because they do look cosy!

SueC said...

Hi Dyan
Have passed to you an award for your beautiful work, your inspiring classes and sense of fun. It is on
With love and hugs
Sue (from Spain)

Sharon said...

Another one here that bought Mama Mia yesterday. Bargain price in Tesco just now.

Dyan you are making me want a Bailey's just now too - one of my fave drinks but preferably as a night cap. I tasted two other Bailey's at Costco recently, there was a mint one and I think the other was caramel. Good but not a patch on the original.

Here's an idea why you just spike Ben's coffee and whilst distracted go look for the new Ranger delivery ???

Marie R said...

Dyan, why didn't you bribe him for some of the distressed stickles?????

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