Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glue sticks and Pickles!!

The end of another long busy day. Three classes today, an all day mini album, the younger kids and the usual Tuesday night suspects. In between was also packing kits for a new album kit for ya.. Just need to finish all the instructions for you. It is really limited this one so you will need to be quick off the blocks as soon as I let you know its available. Clue 7gypsies, tags , pockets, gorgeous!!!

The kids have all been decorating wooden houses, and they are all nearing completion. Heres a few that completed today.

Are they fabby or what. Its a shame you cant see the detail. All those hearts on the roof were cut by hand, inked and faux stitched . They have done a fabby job.

Got a winner of the glue stick comp. Unfortunately Mrs Wonka you were slightly over budget with 4898, sorry!! Will send you a Wispa bar anyway, i,ll get The Goddess to sort it in the morning.

The real winner was

angie's blogspot said...
hi dyan fabby looking journals, my guess is 49!

November 17, 2008 11:57 AM

Congratulations Angie, let me know your address and I will send you some goodies.

PICKLE NEWS Yeyy!!! Finally got Lance Anderson (Mr Rusty Pickle himself) to confirm times and dates for his workshops. Tuesday 16th December. Two workshops , both albums, 1, 1 - 12 x12 Christmas, 1 - 6 x 12 Popstar. I,ll get all the details and images up on here and the website by tomorrow night . You will need to be quick booking these as we have had lots of interest.

Talking of guest tutors dont forget that my Bezzie, the totally gorgeous bundle of fun Mrs Kirsty Wiseman is teaching at the studio this coming Sunday, we still have a few places left if you hurry. Be warned you will need to pack extra Tena ladies. And if you split your sides laughing please note you are not covered under my public liability insurance.

Got 2 shoe watch,s today. New black skyscraper heels , and scruffy gorgeous worn in trainers. One pairs mine and ones Maisies. There is no prize for guessing who,s is who,s.


Bobs said...

Talented kiddiepops there! I bought one of those houses from you in Macduff, for my daughter Kerry. She made her's into a Hallowe'en house and it's fab. I'll have to take a piccie and post it, so you can have a look-see!

Congratulations on the glue stick guess, Angie!

Love the comfy looking trainers, but the heels are to die for!

Still wishing I lived closer so I could come to the workshops!


angie's blogspot said...

OMG can't believe I've won the glue stick prize, woohoo, never usually win anything! Thankyou sooo much Dyan. I've e-mailed you hopefully you will have got it.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

angie's blogspot said...

I must stop buying shoes!


hi hun bun,
cant come this weekend to see Kirst but would like to do Lance's classes
let me know when confirmed

See ya next week with soem goodies to cheer you up.....

Liza T.....

Flor Larios Art said...

I like those wooden little houses!

trustedreviewever said...

Glue Sticks

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