Sunday, November 23, 2008

New - Tena Lady milk!!!

What a great day today. We had one of my bezzies, the adorable Kirsty Wiseman, who if I can just say is looking absolutely fantastic having lost one and a half stone, to teach in the studio. She is soooooo funny and I knew we would spend the whole day laughing. So much so that I just have to tell you a tale from yesterday. Lisa my Lovely was here both days and so when she left yesterday offered to save me a job and go and get fresh milk and choccie biccies from the supermarket for me. When she asked if she should get anything special I told her to make sure she got Tena ladies because with Kirsty coming we would need one. (meaning we would be laughing soooo much that we would be wetting ourselves. ) She nodded and then came back to say was it in the normal milk section or somewhere different? I asked what was she on about and she replied quite seriously " the special Tena ladies milk". !!!! Well I was laughing so much tears were streaming down my face and I coulod have done with one then myself. She seriously thought it was a special kind of milk that Kirsty drank!!! Hilarious. She was mortified when i finally stopped laughing enough to explain.
Imagine my surprise when she came in this morning with this little beauty in her hand!!

Isn't that just so funny. That started us all off again so by the time Kirsty walked in we were all hysterical. Lisa told us she was telling her husband about it and he couldn't understand it because he always thought ladies were Sopranos not Tenas!!!!! I t must be hilarious living at their house and at least they are well matched.

Any way when everyone finally settled down the class was amazing. They made a perpetual advent calendar with Basic Grey papers. Lots of darling little pockets to put your tags in. Kirsty left me hers for our Maisie to have .. That ,ll be her 123rd then ha ha .isn't it gorgeous.

At lunch I was chatting to 3 lovely new ladies and said I hoped they were enjoying themselves and it wasn't too raucous and lively for them. Kathy replied no she thought it might be like this because she had seen me at the Stratford Scrapaganza weekend and that all they could hear above the noise of the cropping hall was me laughing! I got embarrassed and started to apologise but she said no she thought it was fab. Awwww isn't that nice!!

After lunch everyone made a Christmas tree table decoration from old book pages, which were distressed with inks and alcohol ink splodges. This was a really neat idea and one I will be pinching to use with the kids classes. The book pages I had sent Kirsty to make her samples with were from Mansfield Park who's heroines name is Fanny. So her Christmas tree table decoration will apparently not be gracing her kitchen table ha ha , cant think why not. You need to hop over to her blog to see if she has anything to say on the matter (which I am sure she will have plenty knowing her.)

Lots of home baking today from Elaine the Baker aka teachers pet!) Mr Unbribeable and The Goddess will be ecstatic to find there is lots left for them. They will also be relieved to find that there are no mistakes on the till this week. Last week I had a little blip with an £59,350 over ring on theSaturday and a £22,500 on the Sunday. Woops , that wouldn't half increase the turnover yeah??? Serves them right for daring to have days off I say.

Mr Pickles classes are going really fast so try not to leave it too late before booking. The Christmas album is almost full. kirsty is coming on the Popstar class. I have to say the picture does not do this workshop justice. I have seen this album and it is fab and I think it is Lances favourite album to teach.

And finally today's shoe watch -- How about this little pair of beauties brought in by the lovely Raine. Pretty huh? I love it that you have all started bring in your gorgeous shoes to wear. Wonder when you,ll start bringing in your bras lol???


borgqueen said...

Hey babe - it all looks so fabby,wish I could have been there to play too. Love the Tena Lady milk tale - glad to know there are women out there who dont know what they are!!
Been thinking of you this weekend as I've painted my loo ... using the 'too bright for a tardis' blue paint and a .. baby wipe ;o)
Lots of love and see you soon

Sharon said...

LMAO!! sounds like you all had a fun day. The Tena Lady milk story is the best!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

tena lady milk could be the hot new trend for the over 50's (me excluded of course as Im young and have fabulous bladder control)

Loved today Dyan, it was such a hoot. I wish i lived nearer.

Bobs said...

Sounds like a jolly good time was had by one and all!

Absolutely PMSL at the Tena Lady Milk. Soooooo funny!

Did you have any snow over the weekend?


Melius 11 said...

Hi Dyan. Well i always wanted to be famous but not sure that this was what i had in mind!!! Thanks for a great weekend, Elaine the Baker and i have had such a lovely time with you and Kirsty just being creative and having so much fun. See you soon. Lisa the lovely (aka Tena Lady milk lady!) xx

Sue Pinner said...

you never said l needed tena, cake n posh shoes in the tool kit for the class next week?
l REALLY cant wait to meet you all....ring later to pay up
such a funny l'll have to google tena to see what you are all takin about lol

Dylan said...

I am sooooo imessed with all of you who dont know what Tena ladies are. Obv been doing your pelvic floor exercises????
Those coming to the weekend dont worry Tenas are provided ,just bring shoes!!

angie's blogspot said...

been in need of tena ladies myself today, have a stinking cold and every time I sneezed I had to cross my legs, lol haven't forgotton to send piccies of shoes just haven't had time to photograph em, hope my prize arrives tomoz I 'm all excited, looks like you all had good fun!

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