Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog Candy

Freebie Friday

Oooohh Mr Unbribeable is in a really good mood, so here we go!!!!

Here's news of some blog candy that I am giving away. I have 20 double sets of Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling papers (16 papers in total worth £10 and can be combined with any other products you order). All you have to do is click the link, pay the post and packaging and they are yours. When they are gone they are gone!! Enjoy..

Sugar Dumpling - Freebie Friday


Anonymous said...

Oh Yummy! I got a set!!!! Thank you so much Dyan!!!! x

Julie said...

Couldn't resist the gorgeous freebie, Dyan. Will be back to order some goodies later! Just had a look at your classes and am sooo tempted with a couple of them but just need to find time!!!!

Bobs said...

Sorry I haven't left any comments for the past couple of days, but I've been poorly sick. :(

On the mend now though. Yay.

Hope the date was fab!


Dylan said...

Awww Brenda, I wondered where you where. I hope you are feeling much better ?? Date postponed until tonight lol x

chocolate lady said...

Hi Dyan
great blog candy. My favourite papers. If i make mini books at home they always seem to be sugar dumpling papers.
See you soon
Jeanne x

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