Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will the link work???

Hi. Only time for a quick post tonight. I have finally done the workshop schedule, dates and all. Oh yes with 2 days to spare - a personal best I think. I shall be expecting an award certificate through the post anyday now!! It is jam packed with something for everything. it should go up on the website on saturday complete with photos so you can check it out.

We will be drawing the winner of the tutorial comment tomorrow so check out the blog to see if its you. Goodies from Blonde Moments,7gypsies and Paper Artsy could be winging their way to your craftroom over the weekend. Ill do another tutorial next week once I get the preview days over with. If there is any thing you would like to see leave me a comment and I will do my best to help.

Have got plans for new kits but again struggling for time, I wonder if Santa will lend me his elves for a few weeks. Wouldnt that be ace, or the Umpa Lumpas from Willie Wonka.!! Can you imagine coming in to the studio and seeing lots of little blue people. Maybe I could spray Ben and Ems with stream Adirondack colourwash by Ranger. Bit too tall though , I think you might notice lol. Plus they would probably hand their notice in. Well it was just a thought.

Speaking of Ranger, Tims teaching in a store this weekend ( they won a fab Ranger on the road competition) and he has posted his samples on his blog. You really need to take a look over there. / . If that link works I will have astounded myself. Anyway go see what you think. Dont you wish he was over here teaching. I have taken classes with him and I have to say he is one of the most lovely patient teachers there is. And no I dont have to say that because of my Ranger links , If I thought he was rubbish I would tell ( you know me. ha ha . speak first think later) I just dont know where he find the time to travel and teach as much as he does. I struggle to fit things in over here never mind flying every other week. He does have a secret weapon though. His personal assistant - the gorgeous Mario. I keep trying to entice him to work for me but I havent yet managed it. Just thought - maybe its the fear I,ll spray him blue and give him a silly outfit to wear!!! lol.

ok i.m going to check out the art journal flickr group that I ,m in. Dont i sound like I know what I am talking about lol??? I couldnt work out how to join and the group all thought I,d dropped out. Cant wait for the journals to start arriving and I,ll post them on here as they do.

See you tomorrow for the draw xx


Bobs said...

Well Dyan - give yourself a huge pat on the back because the link does work!!!! Yay!

OMG - I love those Nostalgic Memories books he's made! Right up my street, they are. Fan-flippin-tastic. :)

Hope you are well. With your busy schedule, please don't forget to breathe!


Michelle Green said...

With your busy schedule, make time for pretty shoes! :)

angie's blogspot said...

yeah the link worked well done Dyan, I love Tim Holtz stuff, after yours of course, the mirror is cool

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