Tuesday, October 7, 2008

gypsy love!!

so it worked YEY!!and what a proud little bunny I was. I am expecting my 20mtr blogging certificate in the post any day now. Oh yes blogging without armbands is worth all the sore fingers (Cant quite master this drag and drop lark, which is why my photos have adistinct quirky placement). So onward and upward.

Today was a good day, stroking all the new 7gypsies stash, whilst drooling and dribbling. They are my absolute fave company for hardware, no-one beats them and I luuurve it when we get a new delivery. Only problem is as fast as I am sneaking it all out of the shop to under my desks Ben is scooping it all up and putting it back in. Hes geting a bit too wise for my liking lol. He say its like dealing with a wayward child!!!. You wouldnt think I am supposed to be in charge would you. Still someone to needs to have some business sense I suppose and it was never gonna be me. Managed to keep some though so dont tell.

He got it all out in the shop by lunch. We now have so much it takes up the whole wall at one side. Ive posted some photos so you too can drool. Love it when you see it all like this.

The new papers ( the Savannah collection) is double sided and absolutely gorgeous. not allowed to play with it just yet as still behind with my new samples, and I have a pile of magazine articles stacking up as well. But I did one of my new mini albums in the Nottinghill papers and generally made a mess. For all of you who see me at shows and comment how neat and tidy I am just take a look at this work area!!! I have three large work areas and they all end up looking the same. One of these days I will pluck up the courage to show you then hang my head in shame ha ha .

She watch - forgot that I never posted these shoes after talking about them weeks ago. Red , high, strappy - very Dorothy. Just click your heels and you are home!!!


Bobs said...

My crafting area looks very similar to yours! My Dh can never understand how I can have a nice largfe work surface to craft on, yet within 10 minutes, I'm reducd to a working areaof abour 6 inches square! lol

Love the shoes today ..... and the 76 Gypsies stuff is just to die for! I want! I want! :)


Bobs said...

I've just read my message back and am appalled at all my typos!!!

*Message to self: read before sending!*

Dylan said...

Ha ha I never check. I am just that grateful that I have written it and send it before I lose it!!!!

angie's blogspot said...

loving the new posts, keep up the good work

Sharon said...

oooh I want to visit your store!!!!

Dylan said...

Ha ha do you not think that would be highly dangerous!!!

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