Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Preview Weekend (ish)

Yes I am nearly finished with the samples Phew!! The preview is this Sat and Sun coming 19th and 20th October. I have a large childrens birthday party in the studio on Sun so the preview will be 2 - 5pm on Sun and 10 - 5pm on the Mon. All ( ok almost all) the samples will be on display for you to peruse at your leisure! When you book and pay for workshops on either of those 2 days you will get 10 % off the price. This also applies to telephone bookings and online orders. If you are booking online the 10 % discount may not show at the checkout. Dont panic it will be applied automatically when your card is charged. Visitors to the studio will also receive a 10% discount off goods bought on either of those 2 days. Please note this discount is only available to those who visit in person. Seeing the projects up close is a great way of deciding which ones to do, Ben and I will be here to answer your queries and talk you through them.

There we go thats the important bit out of the way. Finished the tin for the Paper Artsy tag class and Ben says I am allowed to give you a proper view of it ( blimey and he doesnt have a temperature!!!)

Well I amazed myself last night . The broadband at home was finally activated and I managed to set it up all by myself. Yes Moi even connecting the router and enabling the wireless. Oh I am such a technological wizz these days arent I?? This means that I should be able to update the blog whenever, wherever. whoo hoo

Lots of people have commented on the absence of shoe watch . This is because I have been wearing my Uggs every day. Sorry but they are soooooo easy to slip on lol.
For a great picture go onto the Sartorialist blog. This little girl is absolutely hilarious, so adorable dont you think. This is one of my favourite blogs and I look on it every day. It has nothing at all to do with crafts but I find it so inspiring.,
Talking of inspiring, I love the work of Kelly Rae Roberts, the backgrounds of her paintings are absolutely breathtaking. I ordered her latest book ages ago and had forgotten until it turned up out of the blue today. I have only had time for a quick flick through and it is driving me mad because it is sat at the side of me winking and enticing me to look. But I know if I do I wont be able to put it down. If you fancy treating yourself to some inspiration in the way of step by steps, prompts and quotes and plenty of eye candy then I would highly recommend you take a look at this. When the kids classes are finished and all of the days business sorted I will be home and in the bath with this book clutched in my little hand. Cant wait.


Bobs said...

Oooooh I love your tag tin!! Honest to god, Dyan - if I lived near you, you'd be sick to death of the sight of me because I'd never be away! Lol

I clicked on the link to the Sartorialist blog, but it was just a link the (very funny) photograph, not the blog itself.

I think I really need Uggs! :)


chrisg said...

Sorry to hear about the car trouble Dyan -great when they work, bugger when they dont!

Love all the tags they look soooo lush all together - Great work

Dylan said...

Bobs if you click on the link in the sidebar under Visual Chronicles(on my blog) it will take you to it. and yes you do need Uggs, sorry lol!!

The Crafts House said...

I think your blog is my favorite to check out every day!!I've told loads about your shoe watch!

Dylan said...

Oh thankyou. I am glad you like shoe watch. It started out as a bit of fun but is now achieving cult status!!!lol..

maddy hill said...

verryy nice tag tin Dyan .. love the colours ..

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