Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Car trouble!

Well the tutorial seems to have gone down a storm, with lots of lovely comments. I am going to keep it open a bit longer and then we will have a draw for the winner. A few people have left enquiries for me to answer. It would probably be easier if you emailed me direct then I can give you more in depth answers. Its artfromtheheartuk@yahoo.co.uk or dyan.reaveley@yahoo.com. And yes it is me who answers you direct now!!! Before I had to write it and get Ben to decipher it, which always took ages , so hopefully you will receive an answer much quicker. lol.

Talking of Ben he walked in this morning with a bunch of my favourite flowers - white lillies. I know they are traditionally funeral flowers but I love them. I think there is nothing nicer than coming into the studio and being greeted by their smell. I did ask what he wanted but he said he just saw them and thought of me!!! Aaah.

Been finishing off the Paper Artsy tags for the workshop, just need to get the tin finished tomorrow.

I am a bit behind because me and the Goddess had car trouble yesterday. I had just posted the blog and we shot to the bank and Post Office. I reversed out from the parking space onto the main road when - nothing-zilch-kaput!!!! There we are stuck in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic at rush hour. Did anyone stop to help? Did they heck. Wehad to wait 15 mins for a space to become free and Ems had to push the car in. We were laughing hilariously at this point. Anyway one call to the AA, One lovely AA man (Martin we love you) One tow to the garage, One lovely garage man staying open late (Simon we want to marry you)and before you know it its 8.30. Got the car back today with new throttle sensor(whatever that is!!) and 5 hours behind schedule. Nothing new about that!!! lol

Right need to get this posted , finish my night class, do the supermarket and sort out the housework. Ok ok I was lying about the house work. Tomorrow I ll let you know all the details of the preview weekend. See you then


Bobs said...

BOOOO to car troubles! One of biggest dreads when driving, is to break down on a busy road! Poor you and Ems. At least you managed to have a laugh about it. And thank goodness for the AA. I've been a member for more years than I can remember and I've been grateful to them on more than one occasion!

Love the tags! Such yummy Christmassy colours!


Sam said...

It's Arum or Longiflorum Lilies that are for funerals, so you are safe with those lovely white Tiger Lilies! Isn't Ben lovely!

Michelle Green said...

Ahhh bless him, lilies are my favourite too. My mum calls them the flower of death, nice eh? lol

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that no one came to your rescue right away! I am, however, glad that AAA was very quick to help as soon as they could. And that garage man who stayed open late just to be able to assist you deserves a medal, I think! I hope your car came back as good as new!

-- Basil Glenn

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