Friday, October 17, 2008

comment winner

Really sorry this is so late. I had so many plans today and then things got in the way - what was it now - oh yes LIFE!!!! lol. Anyway thankyou to all of you for your lovely comments you left. We entered them all in a hat and The Goddess picked one out, and the winner is chrisgq

Thanks again Dyan - just starting out on the Altered Art journey and your instructions on you blog (and those in
Craft Stamper) are easy to follow and very effective - KTF - Chris Granelli (nelli)
October 13, 2008 11:09 AM

If you can let me know your address Nelli I will get the goodies posted out to you on Monday. Enjoy

Been playing with dyes and pearls today making lots of backgrounds for the workshops and I was also using some scrummy stamps from Stamptivity. They are not on the website yet as they only landed last night. The cards are for one of the workshops. !. I.m really pleased with them its just a shame you cant see the pearly shimmer on the blog. Maybe this will be my next tutorial . Ill try to get one in by at least mid week (fingers crossed).

Someone in the comments was wondering if Ranger makes us stick to a format when we do tutorials. The answer to that is no. This is the way I have always worked and probably always will. As an educator it is important to me that you can understand what is happening every step of the way, as though I am stood right next to you guiding you through. You cant recreate it if you cant follow!!! Its hilarious doing it though, cos I keep forgetting to take the photos and I have to backtrack all the time. Really need to get on with the videos as well. Which do you think you would prefer?

Remembered to do shoe watch today but only got scruffy little ballet pumps on, Will try much harder over the weekend - I promise lol!!!


Bobs said...

Woohoo - congratulations, Chris! Hope you enjoy your prize! :)

I love those cards, Dyan. I bet the shimmer is really cool.

There's nothing like a pair of old and comfy shoes, is there?

Hope you have a fab weekend.


thekathrynwheel said...

Ah well, you could do a lot worse than scruffy little ballet pumps. Those stamps and backgrounds look v nice indeed, can't wait for a closer look. Photos or video.......hmm.....i think I like photos. Sometimes a video goes by too quick and I need time to digest each step! Kate :-)

chrisg said...

OMG OMG OMG - Dyan thank you so much - I am stunned (hang on while i just pick myself up off the floor LOL). I keep pinching myself I JUST cant beleive how lucky I am :D :D - I can only aspire to your talent. I promise to send you one of my attempts (not the 1st one though will prolly have to do several to get anywhere remotely near your standard) THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN DYAN for your inspiration and generosity >>> Skips away doing a merry dance

Marie R said...

Dyan I'm loving those stamps, get them on the site asap!!!

Love to all x

Michelle Green said...

Congratulations Nelli, and those stamps are certainly yummy!

Sam said...

I prefer photo tutorials, where you can see each step.

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