Friday, October 24, 2008

A good laugh!! (even when looking rough)

Well I,m late posting this yet again!!! I would say it was all my fault but this time it wasn't.!!! I was just going to start work on it when my lovely mate Su came round for a cuppa. Now most people , when visiting, bring flowers or choccies, don't they. What does Su bring??? Chicken and double cream!!! And you know what, how perfect is that??? Well for me anyway! So we have just laughed and joked through the last hour and a half. We were mucking around with the camera when she went all shy!!!

Not sure what we were talking about when this was taken!! Answers on a postcard please. lol

Got the alcohol ink article bundled up and posted off for photography. I love playing with them because you can get such beautiful varied results all the time. These are the scraps that are left.

And these are the remnants of Tim's idea-ology range. Whoops, where did it all go? lol

After all the alcohol ink samples I am desperate to get back to my paints. Even if I have nothing planned I will happily spend hours making backgrounds. Because I teach paint effects so much I am always inundated with backgrounds and I find this a really useful idea of using them all up. I make them into inspiration cards. You might use them as scrap booking prompts , I use them for my journalling. And they make fab pressies presented in a matching tin. They are really simple. Cut them up, round the corners,doodle, add prompts and cover the backs in papers. Ink all edges - goes without saying!! Gorgeous and all from practise sheets. mine are really simple but you could add more journalling,painting or collaging . Whatever you fancy. Start by making your own set and you will soon become addicted. these are all painted with my trusty Adirondack paint dabbers, a gorgeous matt finish that is just perfect for writing and drawing on.

Here are mine in their own holder. It holds all 42 . If they bring any more out I,lol have to invent a bigger one eh?? I love them when you see them like this. I know you all think I have an addiction to stroking my stash, but I cant help it. I also have a full set at home and am often found painting in my bed. ( Love the dabbers for this- no mess)!!

Thought I would post some pages from my old art journals over the next few days and tell you more about the art journal workshops. So till then!


Bobs said...

I'm relieved to hear you sounding chirpier again! That's a lovely friend you have, taking those goodies she knows you are allowed. :)

I loved those inspiration cards when I saw them at Macduff. I was filled with enthusiasm to make my own, but I still haven't got round to it yet. I will, though!

Those remnants of Tim Holtz goodies look somehow even more alluring than the full packs! :)

Hope you have a great Saturday.


thekathrynwheel said...

Your Art Journal looks really fab. Can't wait for the class - I'm at my happiest when splashing paint around! Looking forward to seeing more of your journal......... Kate

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